Montreal Hotels

I’m thinking of going up to Montreal with a friend next weekend (9/1-9/3), and I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations for nice, reasonably priced hotels in downtown Montreal.


I stayed in the Hotel St. Denis once. It was nice and very reasonably priced. However, that was several years ago, so YMMV.

I stayed in the Hotel St. Denis in June-it’s still very reasonably priced. It’s close to the Berri-UQAM metro stop and convenient to just about everything. They have a website-I’ll hunt it down and post it in a bit.

There ya go.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely check out the Hotel St-Denis. Someone had also mentioned the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Anyone know anything about it?

I don’t know much about the hotel itself, but the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is currently showing rates of $219CDN/night. My thoughts on hotels are to go with the least expensive rate at an acceptable hotel, because I don’t intend to spend huge amounts of time in my room when I’m traveling for work or for vacation.

Oh, and the information I found was at