Monty is a traitor

In GD there is a debate going on that has gotten side tracked because an Army officer Stankow has trouble grasping the idea that “Every Marine is a rifleman”. This is despite the fact that the Commandant of the Marine Corps has said those very words. Monty has recently gotten involved in the debate and has come up with what he thinks is a compromise. All Marines and all Army personel are trained as infantrymen in the beginning so what’s the beef. Bullshit, part of Stankow’s problem is that he wants everyone to know that the infantry is better than the cooks, artillery, etc, in the Army and by association in the Marine Corps.

Well what my beef is concerns the fact that the Marines are part of the Navy. Monty was in the Navy. Nobody in the Marine Corps would not side with the Army against the Navy even if the Navy was wrong, but in this case this is something Monty knows is true about the Marine Corps and is still trying to be Mr. PC :stuck_out_tongue:

The discussion has gotten to the point that someone has said that it should be in the BBQ, except that for the language. Well, I want to know “What the fuck’s your problem Monty?” The Navy couldn’t fight it’s way out of a cardboard box, so where does your expertise come from?

That should read “Nobody in the Marine Corps would not side with the Navy against the Army.”


I’ll come back after I’ve parsed this: “Nobody would not side with the Navy.”

“Everybody WOULD side WITH the Navy”?

My brain hurts.




It sounded to me like Sgt.J and Stankow and Monty and everybody had resolved their little difference over “which way the Marine Corps ties their shoelaces, is it with the bunny going through the rabbit hole or the bunny going around the tree”, and now here you are in the Pit?

What’s Monty a traitor to, anyway?

And my brain *really * hurts now.
And it’s ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

DDG: Evidently kniz missed the bit about my military service starting in the Army.

What I’m really curious is how he managed to get the keyboard to type in something remotely resembling English when it’s quite apparent that he’s not communicating with a known language of Planet Earth.

I find this offensive. It trivializes the contributions of thousands who have served their country in the Navy. Care to explain yourself?

I’ll explain it for you. kniz has no clue on the subject. That will be all.

I nominate this post for the “Least Clear Clarification of the Week” award.

Hmmm, looks like someone got left with all the wrong scrabble tiles again.

Lord knows I know how hard it can be for a Marine without a fight, but I think you’re reachin’ a bit here buddy.



Nevermind :o

shall we take away his citizenship then?

No, enlist him in the Navy.

Wikkit: Can’t do that. I’m already retired Navy.



I’m current Navy. Up yours, kniz. And fwiw, I don’t think the Navy would take someone this profoundly stupid.

Care to elaborate, flyboy?

I think he was talking about kniz, Monty.

So did I, Sgt. J. I just wanted some elaboration. You know, for entertainment’s sake. It’s that sadistic streak in me that shows up on occasion!

Hey! No one has picked on the Air Force yet!