Monty Python non sequitur thread (Part 1)

And it looks like this.

On the morning of the 24th, early to avoid the traffic, Mr Norris’s historic expedition set out from Surbiton - destination Hounslow. Early on they began to perceive encouraging signs. The writing on the sign was almost exactly the same as the writing in the AA book. They were on the right route. During the long hours of the voyage, Mr Norris’s wife Betty kept a complete photographic record and made sandwiches.

Sorry, chaps, it was my mother.

Shut up, and stop slouching. Now, the reason I called you in here today, is that my wife is having a little trouble with her… er… with her waterworks, and I think she needs a bit of attention, Now, which one of you is the surgeon?

You’ve not been properly trained. I demand another assistant.

Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!

Oh, mother, don’t be so sentimental. Things explode every day.

I think it’s runnier than you like it, sir.

Hello, are you a hermit by any chance?

I am here. No traitor to the King.

I don’t care how fucking runny it is, hand it over with all speed.

Flemish merchants did not wear hand-embroidered chevrons. They did not!

Ohhhhhh, the cat’s eaten it.

It’s my belief that these sheep are laborin’ under the misapprehension that they’re birds.

I think BBC 1 are in the kitchen.

Finest in the district!

Because of the enormous commercial possibilities should he succeed.

What, rabbit fish?

The sacred volcano Andu! Which no man has seen before.

D’accord, d’accord. Maintenant, je vous présente mon collègue, le pouf célèbre, Jean-Brian Zatapathique.