Mooncup-Now available at a pharmacy near you?

Imagine my surprise to see a row of Mooncups in tasteful little boxes on sale in a Boot’s chemist for 29.95 euro.

So, for UK and Irish Doper ladies at least, re-usable menstrual cups may soon be available from your local Boots pharmacy, no need to order off the internet and wait 10 days.

Brought to you by the “bringing down the tampon industry, one vagina at a time” campaign!

Allow me to say, “Ew”!

Note to self: must add this to shopping list (Boots section) for when in UK this summer.

I know I’ll regret asking but - what and why? :eek:

Studs Murphy-search Mooncup, Divacup and the Keeper in this forum and IMHO.

A re-usable menstrual cup is exactly what it sounds like. A cup, inserted into the vagina during a period, to catch the blood. At the end of the period it is washed and disinfected, ready for use next time. Less mess, less waste, cheaper and more reliable than tampons or pads.

:eek: Bloody hell!

Oh, it does need emptied and washed every 10-12 hours.

adam yax- I assume from you’re name you’re a man. It’s only men who think that tampons are clean, hygienic and hassle free. Women know better.
They’re uncomfortable, messy, leaky, difficult to dispose of satisfactorily, expensive and that damn string is not nice.

Menstrual cups are comfy, mess is confined to the toilet bowl from whence it is easily flushed, they don’t leak, cheap (1 cup last for 5 YEARS) and there’s no string to get wet/tangled/caught.

Ok, so you have to put your fingers into (whisper it) your own vagina twice a day to use it, but that’s hardly a drawback unless you’ve got some serious body issues.

Eh, no serious body issues, I’m just not very good at it. I once got a contraceptive sponge stuck up there because I literally could not find it or the little ribbon I was supposed to pull it out with. Then again, a Divacup is much larger and not made of stuff that feels like my innards, so maybe I’d be OK…

I used to be in the “no way” camp. In these last few months of discussions on this board, I’ve moved into the “maybe” camp. Give me a few more months and I’ll place an order! (But I do admit I’d be more likely to get one if I could get it at a store - I have no idea why.)

It really doesn’t leak?

This has realised all of my fears. I didn’t search as I had this horrible sense of foreboding involving pictures.

Thanks for posting this - no really! :frowning:

Really really! TMI:

I’ve had mine for about half a year, and it only leaked once when I forgot (!) I was wearing it (very hectic busy day), and didn’t empty it for almost 24 hours. I had very slight leakage - not even enough to stain undergarments - just noticeable when I um… wiped in the washroom.

Even during my heaviest flow, I only empty it twice per day (in the morning after waking up, and in the evening after supper) - and then it’s not even full when I empty it. It holds just over half an ounce.

Here’s my thread wherein I sing the praises of this little silicone miracle. I would be delighted if they became available in stores everywhere. They are the absolute shizznit.

Plus they inspire good sig lines.

I just got my divacup a few days ago…just after my period ended…but I did play around with it to get accustomed to putting it in and taking it out. It is more comfortable - no string. Will see if it is leakproof next cycle=)

In the '70s there was a product called “Tassaway” that was a disposable menstrual cup. I tried it once. Yikes. I don’t gross out easily, but Tassaway was one of the most repulsive experiences of my young life. Menstrual gunk is not something you want to have to look at. Trust me. Having it nicely soaked into a pad or tampon is one thing: having it sloshing around in a plastic cup that you have to dump into the toilet is quite another.

I just don’t understand how to get the thing out without spilling/soiling the vaginal vault.

I am a man, yes. I guess that I never really considered wether tampons were hygenic or not, but I am a wee bit ooged out by the reuse factor of the cup. This is one of those things that make me glad I am not female.

Periods make me happy that I"m not female.

And yet I will continue to buy and use tampons. :smiley:

So, if you’re at work when you want to empty one of these babies, how do you contrive to clean it when you’re inside the stall? I’m assuming here that one rinses them out before reinserting.

I always do it at home. It holds a lot more than a tampon so I really only have to change it once or twice a day. I usually do it in the shower, no muss, no fuss! :smiley: If I had to change it in a stall, tho, I would bring a bottle of water to rinse it off, then wipe with TP.

I’ve reused my husband’s penis a million times, it’s probably not as clean as my divacup. :wink: