Moonlight - the dumbest tv show ever made?

Okay, so I’m watching the pilot of Moonlight. It’s a show about a reluctant vampire who continued his job as a Private Investigator after he was bitten, and apparently only uses his powers to fly into people’s windows and surprise them, and to only work at night. He also gets his “food” from his buddy at a blood bank, who he refers to as his dealer…and he drinks the blood out of a glass. It also has Veronica Mar’s Logan Echolls as a 400 year old vampire who is the “boss” vampire of the city. I knew everybody said this show was going to suck (pun intended), but my god…

and similar to how Buffy always had vampires making the Butthead face when they make their reveal, this show has their eyes losing their pigmentation.

My vote for first show to get cancelled this season.

Nowhere near the dumbest show ever made. Not great but it didn’t suck. Nice shout out to VM, having the college named Hearst.

I’d rather have Angel back on.

Already a thread about Moonlight on this forum

While it wasn’t brilliant, it wasn’t the worst TV show debuting this season let alone ever. I only made it halfway through Journeyman, for instance, and have already taken it off my DVR.

I kinda liked it. It sorta had a NightStalker feel (the new one, not the original.)

It wasn’t great, but I’ll give it another try.

Sounds like a major failing in a show about a vampire.

I watched a little, but it didn’t catch my interest. You have to work pretty hard to make vampires interesting to me in any way; if it weren’t for teenage girls, I guess the genre wouldn’t exist.

Teenage vampire girls…drool
What, she’s actually like 100.

It reminded me of Forever Knight, only the vampire in Moonlight was much cuter.

You know, I’m getting really tired of how “in” vampires have been lately (by "lately, I mean in the past 10-15 years or so. Sure, there are some good examples of the genre- Buffy, Angel, Lost Boys- but for every good vampire story, there’s like fifty of 'em that bore me to tears.

Have you taken a look at the sci-fi/horror section at your local bookstore lately? Do we really need that many bloodsucker books?



In order for the classics to be truly considered classics, don’t they need to be considered “influential”? Thus, all of the spin-off vampire shows are merely building the legacy of Buffy, as all of the crappy pulp fantasy build up the legacy of Lord of the Rings.

(well, think positive, you know :))

Okay, am I the only one who got two or three posts into this thread before they fully realized that we weren’t talking about Moonlighting?

Well, it follows the breast whisperer and fills the slot once held by Close to home which was almost as interesting as watching your dog sleep. Combine that with the fact that it leads Numb3rs, a show were Santa’s head elf catches criminals with his pocket calculator, and I think it can last pretty long in its place.

The worst show ever? Were you around in the 70’s? Do you know what we used to suffer through? It was incredible. Awful stuff. Moonlight is just a bit mediocre.

I thought they made a vampire crimefighting show…it was called Forever Knight.