Moose are funnier than elk. Why? And by how much?

It’s a widely accepted observation that moose are funnier than elk. Just look at the number of moose jokes out there vs. the number of elk jokes. Some casual googling shows 3000 hits for “moose joke” and just under 1000 for “elk joke”.

But why is that? Is it a legacy thing from Bullwinkle? Funnier headgear? Fewer recipes? I’ve never tasted moose but I recently enjoyed an elk chop. And not for the first time, either!

And how much funnier? The joke ratio would suggest they’re 3 times funnier, but frankly I think the ratio is higher than that. Maybe even as high as 10 times funnier.

The Moose lodge claims nearly 1 million members worldwide while the Elks (B.P.O.E) have about 850 thousand. Not a significant enough difference to cause the humor disparity, IMHO.

Anybody out there think elk are funnier than moose?

[sub]ok, it’s been a rough week. Thinking about this topic keeps my mind off some really nasty s**t that went down.[/sub]

Moose is a funny word. Moose. Moose. Moooooooooooose.

I considered that, but “elk” is funny too. Elk. Ilk. Eck. Ack!

Elk is a nasty, tinny word. Moose is very woody.

Elk never had their own long-running cartoon show.

In many parts of Europe, “Elk*” means moose. An elk, the one with the non-funny looking antlers, is a “wapiti.” Moose live pretty much everywhere above a certain latitude. Elk are only in North America and Asia.

I wouldn’t laugh to a Moose’s face. An Elk’s kick or goring could kill you. But moose are huge, and (not cite) it is often said that you are more likely to run afoul of a moose than a bear in Canada. It’s amusing to know that they make moose cheese, but not so much when you look at the price tag.

We did Cub Scouts in the Elk lodge so I know of them. Now that you mention it, I might’ve heard of the Mooses(sp?), but I’m not very certain and wouldn’t have though of them an hour ago. I would have thought that the Water Buffaloes are more real, because at least someone must’ve tried to rip off the Flintstones for fun.
*Elch, Elg, Älg, etc.

Baby elk don’t play in sprinklers.

Moooose is indeed funny. It’s Moose, the Moosical!

Only a twisted mind would think elk is funny. It’s Elk, the Elkical! See? It doesn’t work.

A moose may be funny, but an[ne] elk has a theory about dinosaurs.

Moose have such funny faces, easy to caricature, and their antlers are weird. They walk funny. Also, Bullwinkle.

We call elk “nelk,” as in “I saw a nelk.” Just started doing that one day and haven’t been able to stop.

Nothing beats a moose for funny, thier big, ugly. appear clumsy, fearless and mischievous, only dangerous when he is rut or has babbies and thats excusable.

Nothing tops "I think I’ll go out and milk the elk," though.

The real joke: the animal we in North America call the moose, Alces alces, is called the elk in Europe. :slight_smile:

and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Moose? Large bulbous nose, massive shoulders tapering to a small heinie and a physical awkwardness stemming from a high center of gravity on spindly legs. Pretty amusing until you jump one out of the brush.

Thought it was a horse at first because I could initially only see the leggings and they were white(unusual), then I got a gander at the top side (Thankfully moving away.)

They look larger up close and distinctly less amusing.

I just discovered a cool Google thing! I typed “moose vs elk” into the search bar and it gave me a quick comparison chart. First thing I noticed is that moose look funny. Elk don’t. There you go.

Elk are tastier, though. But I would kill for some good moose chili.

This Moose vs Elk?

Must be the hump that makes 'em funnier. That and the neck thingie.

Yep. I’ve startled a few in the wild (in Newfoundland’s Gros Morne National Park). And I encountered one that just decided that it was going to hang out right in the path, the only path through an impenetrable wooded area. I couldn’t pass untill the moose left. He stayed there for at least 30 minutes, just munching on whatever moose eat and taking it easy.

And they’re all over the roads. Especially in Gros Morne and Terra Nova, Newfoundland’s other national park. Extreme care is called for when driving in those areas at night. Hitting a moose is no joke.

They eat moose meat.