Morality of Christians Driving Cars, Flying Planes, Etc.

With the impending Rapture that will take the body of Christ from the Earth, is it moral for Christians to drive cars, fly planes, etc? It seems that it should be wrong, since they could be called home at anytime. If they are called home while driving they could kill people on the road. I feel this would be wrong. Or is it ok, since those killed would not be Christians?

That is a good question. :slight_smile:

I recall seeing the following bumper sticker:

“In case of Rapture, this vehicle will be unmanned.”

Apparently, this moral quandry is not too bothersome to the authors of the Left Behind books and movies, because the very first movie contained at least one scene of a terrible auto accident that occurred because Christian drivers were Raptured.

No it’s not. It’s a stupid question. Preposterously stupid.

Assuming (which, it should go without saying, I am not), that the Rapturists are correct and that a) God is good and b) God will intervene in the affairs of the earth to pluck a few just followers up for Rapture, it’s entirely logical further to conclude that He will do so in a way that is not dangerous to those to whom He intends no danger.

The OP makes for a funny bumper sticker. But not a Great Debate.

Why assume this?

You’re kidding, right? Folks who believe in the Rapture (a small percentage of all Christians, BTW), believe that God is going to come down and pluck the chosen into thin air! Then He’s gonna let loose with firey rain and demons and disease and pestilance and all sorts of stuff too terrible to think about. And in all that time it will be the righteous who live and the wicked who die. (Now that I think about it, a bunch of righteous also die, too, but they do so as part of God’s plan and it works out pretty good for them in the long run). And yet a person who believe all of that is supposed to wonder whether God has a plan for the intersection immediately ahead?

Well, I wouldn’t necessarily trust such a picky god to be nice to the rest of us. If he’s so nice and kind, why doesn’t he just rapture all of us in the first place?

And I don’t really see how god could take away all the Christians in the world without doing any harm to the non-Christians. If nothing else, I sure would miss my Christian friends :slight_smile:

The OP reminds me of my 90 year old mother – always trying to micro-manage God.

She was married to my father for over 50 years. He passed away many years ago and for the last few years she has been in love with another man. (Yes. It can happen at that age too.) But now she is worried about heaven. How can she be happy if she can only be with one of them? She just knows she is going to be miserable in heaven.

I think it’s best to leave some things up to God. The list includes the possibility of the Red Sox v. the Cubs, hurricane season and the Rapture.

I hope there’s a light sprinking of cheese after the fiery rain…
[homer]…mmm cheese…[/homer]

You know, whenever I see one of those Rapture-unmanning-the-vehicle bumperstickers, I wonder if it isn’t pretty selfish of the driver to be driving around like that. I thought I was the only one, though, who had obnoxious thoughts like that. :stuck_out_tongue:
–genie, who had to have the sticker explained to her a few years ago, because she’s Mormon, and had never heard of the Rapture. Then she read the Left Behind books for library school, and now knows more than she would really like.

I suppose the “raptured” ones think that the rest will be treated the way they as horrible sinners deserve… so no mercy on them ?


Well … yes!

The details of the Rapture are spelled out in 1st Thessalonians. God/Jesus is gonna pull dead Christians off the Earth, then pull live Christians off the Earth, and they’ll meet Him somewhere in midair.

The details of the Tribulation are spelled out in Revelation. God’s gonna rain down fire and brimstone and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and ten-horned seven-headed beasts and force cats and dogs to lie down together.

Yet, nowhere in the bible – old or new testament – do we read, “And the Lord shall steer the unmanned Ford Excursions away from the Unraptured and bring the unmanned airliners safely down onto the runways.”

I just wonder why god cares so much about capitalization. I always see believers use Him or He. Do you go to hell if you don’t capitalize a pronoun?

*Rolls over on the floor in a fit of histeria.

STOP IT ! You guys are killing me!

Airlines should contract only sinful pilots and that will solve the problems of God landing multiple aircrafts for us sinners…

In “The Parable of the Pounds,” Christians are commanded by God to “Occupy 'till I come.” In other words, they should be prepared for his arrival, but should still go about being proper stewards – doing their jobs, taking care of their households, and so forth. One could scarcely do this if one were to swear off all motorist activity.

The idea is that one should continue to fulfill one’s earthly obligations, and leave what happens after the Rapture to God.

If firey death will rain down when the rapture comes then it’s a moot point if all the cars and planes crash since everyone would get fried anyhow.

Sez you. Correctly translated, the four bringers of the apocalypse will be riding mustangs.

Ford is the Antichrist! :smiley: