More crap I really don't need.

I was exhausted a year ago. I was on the bitter, ragged edge six months ago. Sometimes you just feel like you’re cracking right down the middle, and there’s nowhere to go.

So, I’m holding my own, keeping it together as best I can, and then the universe drops “elevated bilirubin” right in my lap. What the fuck? It can mean anything from “drink more water”, to “totally benign genetic condition” to “liver cancer” and “make out a will, because you’re dying”.

Oh, and right now it’s saying “Enjoy your weekend, because you can’t talk to a doctor until Monday afternoon!”

Mother fucker.

Oh no. And this comes while your wife is out of town too, doesn’t it?

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it means, “drink more water”.

Double post. Must be the universe telling me to cross 'em on both hands.

There’s bunches of wicked benign things that can cause that, so think of all them first! I have Gilbert’s Syndrome, and the only “symptom” is when I have extensive bloodwork done, they say “oh, you have elevated bilirubin.”

O, how I hate it when the dr’s office calls. They invariably give you just enough information to frighten you to death via google, and then after you’ve taken off work and paid for an appointment, it’s “no answers, just more tests!” or “it’s nothing! But we wanted to tell you in person!”.

I’m sorry for your troubles, Ogre, and I hope the universe eases up on you soon.

Thanks, guys. I go to the doc today to see what he has to say (although dollars to bilirubins it’s gonna be “liver function tests”). And yeah, Rasa, I surely read up on Gilbert’s, and am hoping it’s something at least that benign, if not more so.

It was kind of funny this weekend, though. All my dreams were stress dreams.

  1. I was mowing my lawn, all sweaty and gross, and suddenly, I realized that I had to teach class IN THIRTEEN MINUTES. :eek:

  2. I was cleaning out my basement, and I keep finding nests of vermin. Mice, rats, scorpions, snakes. Oh no! I realize that I have a venomous snake in my hand! And it’s bending its head toward my hand, and it’s dripping fang is millimeters from the pulsing vein in my wrist! I’m screaming for help, but everybody’s outside drinking beer and having a barbecue.

  3. I was looking at porn on my in-laws’ computer, and it was outside, and there’s a storm coming, and I just know that I’m gonna get busted unless I can shut down these web pages RIGHT NOW, but there’s pop-up after pop-up after pop-up! Seriously, even my subconscious should know that I use Ad Block Plus.

Honestly, brain. Those last two were so far over the top that I woke up chuckling.

I’m keeping fingers crossed as well. Lots of good vibes headed your way.

Ditto to what everyone else says.

Hey, that dream where you’re mowing the lawn and sweating: maybe that’s your answer to what as going on. Maybe you were a bit dehydrated when you had the blood drawn.

As a mid-range answer to what might be going on: when my gallbladder decided to remind me of its existence, my bili levels were pretty high.

The stone passed, the bili levels dropped back to normal.

I was thinking “Gilbert’s” before I even finished reading the OP. It’s the absolutely most common reason for mild elevation of bilirubin levels; I see it a couple times a week in the population I care for, and it’s not a threat to health or life save in very uncommon circumstances. If other LFTs (Like ALT) are okay, I will check a CBC to make sure there’s no hemolysis going on, and educate the patient on the syndrome, and leave it at that.

Hope that works out to be the case.

Here’s hoping it’s nothing important, Ogre!


Are you back from the doctor yet?

Yeah - Ogre, what’s the news???

Last time I heard Billy Rubin mentioned here it was with a discussion of a prehensile rectum. Let’s hope that association doesn’t manifest itself again.

Hey, good luck, Ogre. Hope you’ve some good news to share shortly.

Thanks, all. I had to give a repeat blood sample, and missed the call yesterday for the results because I was teaching class. Just called, and they said that everything is back to normal, that it was probably temporary dehydration (Jesus. Story of my life recently. When will I learn?), and that all other liver function tests were normal.

Whew. I’ve been so on edge recently. I need a vacation.

Glad to hear it, **Ogre **- use this as an excuse to take care of yourself.

Glad to hear your blood is ok, Ogre. I hope you get a nice vacation soon.

Good advice.

I’m very glad to hear good news!

Glad to hear it. Keep drinking! Water, I mean. Though a beer or two probably is in order to celebrate your good news.

So glad to hear you’re okay!


Oh…you meant for him to drink it…
Never mind.