More evil: Bender from FUTURAMA, or pre-Crisis Brainiac?

**Bender Bending *Rodríguez regularly yells “KIll all humans!” with no exceptions made even for his so-called friends. Even Evil Santa is sometimes shocked by the things Mr. he’ll do.

Brainiac, who has another name that I’m too lazy to look up** regularly stole entire cities of inhabited sentients, reduced them in size by a factor of a zillion, & kept them in a bottle, but I’m not aware of his actually killing anybody, certainly not his own artificial son.

Who is more evil?

*No, it does NOT count that he once confessed that he whispered “except Frye!” afterwards.That was Leela’s dream & does not count.

**I forgot how to use Wikipedia and Google again. Even if I remember how to get to those sights, I have no idea how to spell “Vril Dox.”

Bender, because Brainiac is fictional.

Just an aside:

FUTARAMA sounds like a website for Japanese niche porn.

It’s been a long time, but IIRC late pre-Crisis Brainiac, when he was all silvery and robotic and flew around in a sort of medusa-skull ship was very murderous. Devastated planets and so forth.

Brainiac used to wear a pink shirt, & hotpants.
With white go-go boots.

I dunno who’s more Evil, but I do know which one is heterosexual.

Bender talks a big fight, but he never actually seems to do much. I never saw the episode with him kicking his son into a vat of molten metal, but certainly, in all the episodes I’ve seen, he’s never killed all, or indeed any, humans. Brainiac, though, is the real deal.

Exactly what I was thinking. Can you picture Brainiac with even human friends, let alone working for a human? Bender talks big, but he enjoys humanity too much. He only wants to kill.

(And let’s not get into Bender’s robosexual tendencies that have shown up this season.)

Fixed the thread title.

I don’t know that much about Brainiac, but Bender is more pathologically ultra-selfish than evil.

Come on - Bender couldn’t even sell off those orphans, and he kept their picture in his torso. Evil? He’s barely reprehensible.

I voted for all four once I realized voting for more than one was allowed. I’m the evilest one of all.

I voted for Bender.

It was the folk music that decided me.

Let’s see who made them: Brainiac was created by the Computer Tyrants of Colu, and Bender was created by Mom’s Friendly Robot Company…

ok, that one’s a toss-up.

But what about the time he fought Godzilla?


Surprisingly, it apparently isn’t. The Internet’s slipping. :smiley: