More info on the latest Pit sticky

Someone resurrected a Pit thread: Portland spurned! (Beware–scary old-style Pit thread inside!). I assume the parenthetical is a mod add-on to the original title.

It was closed by Gfactor with the following note:

(Closed threads don’t lend themselves to easy quoting, so apologies if I got the tags wrong.)

I assume there’s more to it than the quick post and lockdown had room for. Is this in response to the recent postings of a couple Jr. Pit Mods? Is it related to the What is Pitworthy? thread? Some lesson we should be taking away? An example of what used to be OK in the Pit but not anymore? An example of what should still be Pitworthy? Something that can be expanded on or just a fun bit?

I thought is smelled of irony and possibly late-night giddy modding.

We did a survey and “giddy” was definitely the word most often used to describe Gfactor.

Just a fun bit.

Well, duh, what do you think the “G” is for?

I thought it stood for “Gfactor.”

That G is a bad motha…

What everyone is missing is that the thread closing was endorsed by his alter-ego Gfaptor, wherein the G most certainly stands for giddy. You’ll have to figure out what a faptor is on your own.

Sigh. You were 'sposed to quote me, and post “Shut yo mouth”, to which I would’ve mumbled “Only talking about G”. And thus, the Circle of Life would have been complete. Now, who knows what will happen?

Then we can dig it!

HKF + Shaft reference = phail
:looks down in shame:

He’s a Gcomplicated man
But no one Gunderstands him but his Gwoman.

CMC fnord!

You see this cat G is a bad mother–
(Shut your mouth)
But I’m talkin’ about G
(Then we can dig it)

That’s gnus to me.
(sorry, Grunning of Shaft references)

Ain’t nothin’ but a G thang

Shake your g-thang, shake your g-thang, yeah yeah!