More Money Than God

I’ve heard this expression so many times to describe some rich individual, but I am having trouble putting it in context.

So how much money does God have? How much do I have to save until I can fall into that category?

$17.34. But I hear he’s got a good credit rating.

According to my church’s quarterly financial statement, God rakes in about $13,000+change every week in the offering plates. Of course, He gives most of it back to pay the church’s mortgage, the ministers’ salaries, the utility bills, insurance, and all of the benevolences we support. In short, God’s profit margin is pretty slim.

Incidentally, I get more action than God, but I don’t know how much that is, either.

Well, I’ve been told that I show up to school earlier than God. Also, the drive from Albany, NY to Springfield, MA is longer than God.

Get out of my head! Get out of my head! I was wondering that very thing yesterday!