More of Katcha...

Over here I told you some of the things Katcha is up to.

He’s doing a few more funny things. I thought I’d share.

He just learned to zerbert. You know when you put your mouth on someone and make a seal with you lips and blow and it makes a farting noise? That’s a zerbert. Katcha just learned how. It cracks him up, so he does it all the time. Everyone had wet legs now. Except the dogs. He only tried to zerbert the dogs once. It didn’t work out so well.

He’s discovered his nose. “What’s so funny about that?” you ask. Well, he’s known where noses are for a while. “Where’s my nose?” you’d ask, and he’d point to your nose.
“Where’s the dog’s nose?” He’d point to the dog’s nose.
“Where’s Cliford’s nose?” He’d point to Cliford’s nose in his picture book. (Cliford the Big Red Dog, by the way.)
“Where’s Katcha’s nose?” and he’d point to your nose.
Now he knows where his nose is.
“Where’s Katcha’s nose?” and he sniffs. Real loud three or four times. I think it’s funny.

I ask him “Where’s Mommy’s kiss?” and he gives her a kiss. I ask him “Where’s my kiss?” and he shakes his head and laughs at me.

When you give him a big hug, he pats your back. This is more “cute” than “funny”, but there you go.

That’s a zerbert? What’s the etymology? I want cites!

[sub]okay, I always wondered what that was called[/sub]

The etymology (Bugs? Why’s he all interested in bugs? It makes no sense…) is that’s what we call it. Cite: Because I say so.

Actually, Bill Cosby talked about zerberts on the Cosby Show… he usta zerbert his kids and vice versa. So, Rue, you stole from Bill Cosby and didn’t give him credit. Or maybe he stole from you and didn’t give you credit… Regardless, we used to do this to our Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] but now that she’s a teenager, she doesn’t appreciate the humor. I dunno, I thought a zerberting prom pic would make a nice addition to the family gallery…

Okay, I wouldn’t trust that shifty Cosby character, but if Rue says so it’s good enough for me.

Oh, and Google found me this, so it’s settled.