A Glimpse Into The Glamour That is My Life (Warning: Use of the P-word)

Just so you know, I pee good. I know, Katcha told me. I was “doing my business” yesterday, when bang he kicks open the bathroom door.
“Whatcha doin’ Dad?”
“Uh… peeing?”
“You pee good. Way to go! I’m so proud!” And then he left. Even before I could tell him “thanks”.

At least something from the whole housebreaking thing is sinking in. Unfotunately it’s mostly the Potty Banter.

Just one more reason I’m proud to be Rue’s #1 Special Friend! :smiley:

Your kids are sooooooo adorable!

Always remember…it can be worse.

Don’t feel too badly Rue. After all, how would it have been if Katcha stood there and criticized your peeing?

“Geez, think you can hit the middle?”

“Man, you’re the worst pee-er I’ve ever seen! I know little girls with better aim and handling.”

Rue, Katcha’s just returning the potty training favor. I’ll bet you’ve been carrying on about him making potty all through the potty training stuff. “Woohoo! Katcha made potty! Way to go Katcha!” Why shouldn’t he return the favor when you make potty good? :smiley:

Great. I’m suppose to be meet Rue this Saturday at the Air Force museum. We’ll say hi and the usual greetings, but the whole time I’m going to be thinking, “This guy pees good.”

Could make the handshake kinda awkward.



You may want to consider adding this to your resume.


Don’t worry Blackclaw, I wash my hands good too.

Since it fits right in here, another bathroom exchange:

Katcha: I no want to potty. There’s monsters in the toilet!
Me: Monsters? There are no monsters in the toilet.
Katcha: I know, I just joking! Hahahahaha!

It’s like ultress and welby got together for those two posts. But ultress, when you said “can” I think you meant “will”. It WILL be worse.

Now welby has me thinking… a line of judges… 9.2, 9.4, 8.9, 5, 9.6 (The French judge is always a low scorer.)

Man, I wish I peed good.

Monsters in the toilet

I have a septic tank buried in my back yard (we’re rural, we don’t have fancy sewers and stuff) and once a month I pour Rid-X [sup]TM[/sup] down the toilet. That stuff is basically a bunch of some kinda live things that eats the stuff in the septic tank. So, that’s kinda like having monsters in the toilet.

He would just be thrown off by the use of a toilet rather than a street corner.

I’d be careful on that Blackclaw. Apparently Katcha only saw fit to congratulate Rue on his peeing. He said nothing about handwashing.

I just wanted to see what the “p” word was…

Maybe I’ll just wave at him. :wink:

Anybody else get a mental image of a little, bitty ninja storming the potty? Not to criticize your parenting or anything, Rue, but maybe a lesson in knocking on doors vice knocking down doors might be in order.

yay Rue, none of the lil’ men in my house are good pee-ers, they’re all only satisfactory pee-ers, and hit the middle some of the time. The other half they’re trying to get it in the circle that the lid makes when it’s open.

Were you surprised?

Have you thought about getting a spotter Legomancer? Work on your form a little. Soon you’ll pee like a pro.

I’m just happy he actually OPENED the door Snickers, rather than just walking through the thing. He’s a sturdy one, young Katcha is.

Mia, you might try keeping a bowl of Cheerios by the bowl. Toss one in and tell them to “sink it”. Fun for all ages. (Tell 'em to “make lots of bubbles” too.)

I vividly remember a time not long after my little pee-er started standing to go. We were in a restaurant and the, um, equipment, didn’t quite line up above the rim, if you know what I mean. Being the resourceful mama that I am, I stood before the throne, had him stand on my feet and fire away, helping him a little with his aim.

I felt somehow initiated, however briefly, into the world of male peeing.

We had a septic tank at the Old House Swampy. I don’t miss it.