More pics from the SF gathering!

Ok, so I’m not as speedy and efficient as baglady, but here they are!

Thanks to everyone who attended for the great afternoon and for not letting me run off to sing with some leather-clad mariachi. Looking forward to next time!
Oh, and as Troy McClure mentioned- no, we did not get any pics of the people that started going at it right next to us at the bar.

I’d just like to state briefly that SeaDiver is, like, model-pretty, and I have to wonder what horrible past-life penance she’s working off by hanging out with us geeks. Thank you.

Sea, Thank you SO much for getting a pic of that guy. Whoo boy is he hot. Too bad he turned around, like you said. Anyway good job home girl, you deserve um…something! :slight_smile:

I love them!!! Thanks for posting them, SeaDiver!

What, isn’t that what you wanted him to do, eventually? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pics SeaDiver, y’all look great. And Max is right, you’re a very pretty girl. But I’ve told you that already :wink:

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Glad you’re enjoying the pics!

Three words, Sea:


Nice pix, Sea, but now you know what picture is gonna be up from the next Dopefest.

Hyeh hyeh hyeh…

Hey, those look like fun. Too bad we missed out. Maybe next time…

jj- Don’t even think about it, boy!

Demo- Next time, huh? We should try to get a group together to go to Castro on Halloween.

Come on, people! I’ve already started putting my costume together!

SeaDiver: “We should try to get a group together to go to Castro on Halloween.”

I’m told it gets really crowded there…

Obfusciatrist and I (thanks for posting our pic, Sea!) will be heading down to SoCal next weekend, and visiting Knott’s Scary Farm on Saturday night (and doing Disneyland on Sunday). Boo!! Scary, uh?

Heh. :wally

I’ll be out there next year for Bay to Breakers, which I’m running (nude division). Y’all keep a seat warm for me, okay?

Crowded? What fun would it be if it were just a few people? I still really want to go, and see all the costumes and mayhem. But have fun in SoCal, Obfus and baglady.

::sigh:: Is there even a point to finishing my sexy costume?

Sea, are you that tall, or is Kyla that petite?

Thanks for the pics!

Don’t be fooled, dear Cranky. That is but the effect of the platform bitch boots I was wearing. :slight_smile:

Hey! Don’t even tell me you guys are doing that Halloween dinner thing in the Haunted Mansion! If you are, I will be sooo jealous!