More Snow for DC

The Weather Service is predicting a major storm will form over the Outer Banks on Sunday and move up the coast. According to meteorologist Joe Bastardi, the core of this storm has the potential to drop up to two feet of snow. See his column for more info.

Aside from the fact that Joe Bastardi is a rather comical name, and aside from the fact that his column kinda wandered all over God’s green earth (or white earth, as the case may be), any white stuff that hits DC better be gone when I get there.



If I get stuck in Memphis and can’t get back here Monday, I swear to GOD I’m shooting myself.

Bah. Every time these boffins say there’s going to be a major one, we don’t get anything (Remember Noreaster 200)? The major snowstorm that was supposed to give us 18 inches on New Year’s? IIRC, 50 and sunny.)
I just can’t help but think that the DC weathermen are in league with Giant Foods , because every single blessed time we get one of these warnings, people run out and buy bread, milk, TP and cat litter. Therefore, in the event of snow, we’re supposed to make french toast, have diarrhea, and so will the cats.

Me, I live one block from Pentagon City Metro and work in DC. If it snows too bad for me to get to the Metro, I’ve got four weeks of paid leave and two CIA cookbooks to try my hand at. :slight_smile:

/slight hijack
Hey Zenster, if this hits, I’ve got the ingredients for cassoulet in the freezer-got a recipe?
/slight hijack
And is it just me or does anyone think “Joe Bastardi” is a silly name?

Snow here? This weekend? Cool. :cool:

I guess they got cocky after actually getting one right! :slight_smile:

It’s certainly not just you.

We’re safe. If they predicted it, we won’t get it.

Ain’t that the truth. :frowning:

FWIW, doesn’t have anything in the mix for the weekend worth noting. Yet.

If it DOES happen, does anybody want to get together and pelt people with snowballs on the Mall? Or go sledding down the big hill at the Navy Annex? Or just go to a bar and get pissed?

Yep, we will definately get snow Sunday & Monday. Question is exactly how much. The storm which is currently raining on nearly all of Louisiana, much of Arkansas, and elswhere in the south is expected to be over the Outer Banks on Sunday. At the same time, there will be a cold front over DC. The man with the odd name, or more precisely his computer models, is predicting that the two systems are going to collide.

While there is no snow forecast for northeast FL, we are being threatened with 30 degrees on Tuesday morning!! It’s been in the 80s for the last week - what the heck is this sub-freezing crap all about??? I’ll hafta cover all my tender lil flowers… Luckily, I opted to plant my 'maters and peppers in containers, so I can just drag them inside, but still… :frowning:

If you’re scheduled to leave Monday morning, you shouldn’t have a problem.

False_God, I’m highly supportive of an “if it snows, let’s go to a bar and get pissed” initiative. In fact, I think that’s definitely going to happen starting tonight, regardless of the weather.

As far as a snowball fight goes, I would have an unfair advantage. No matter how many times you pelt me in the face, I will still breathe easy with my new Pussy Snorkel.

But has laid the kiss of death upon the entire plan. They now predict snow for Saturday, so we can expect lots and lots of rain.

Jeff -

Thanks…my flight leaves at 12:15 central time, so I get back here at like 4:30 Monday afternoon. I hope. crosses fingers