More than you ever wanted to know about my son.

My son is playing his first video game right now, at 20 months old. For a few months he has been watching me while I play games, and pretends to play along with a spare controller. Now he’s actually interacting deliberately with my Nintendo DS in an empty Pictochat room, drawing pictures with the stylus and pushing “send” to clear the drawing area.

There is no doubt that he is left handed. No matter which hand I put the stylus pen in when I give it to him, he transfers it to his left hand before he writes with it. The older he gets, the less frequently he uses his right hand to color or write.

My dog is his best friend. Rowdy is a greyhound/mini poodle mix we found at the pound less than an hour after he was available to adopt. Offspring will find a sock or towel or something, and run around the house with it trailing behind him while Rowdy chases behind him trying to snatch it away. He says “no, no, Rowdy!” when he sees the dog trying to chew a shoe or a toy. Rowdy pouts miserably while Offspring is taking his nap, and does a literal happy dance (twirl in a circle, stand on hind legs, pant excitedly, and scratch at Offspring’s closed door) when he hears the boy make his “I’m awake now!” sounds.

His favorite thing to eat is a banana (“nana!”, which delights my mother, who has decided that her name is Nana and doesn’t care that he’s not talking about her when he says it). His favorite book is about monkeys getting hurt jumping on the bed.

He has learned how to unlock and open the front door, which means that we have to use the deadbolt while we’re home. I had the misfortune of learning this right after I took my clothes off and started running a bath for us. I had to run after him in my birthday suit, to scoop him up moments before he could reach the street, with all my neighbors watching. He thought it was hilarious, and it was hard to be angry while he was giggling so much.

It will be less than a year before he’s able to reach the knob for the deadbolt, and then we’ll see real trouble.

This kid sounds awesome!

I enjoyed reading about his exploits. And it never crossed my mind that one of the neat things abut parenting is discovering your kid could be a lefty or a rightie… That’s kinda nifty.

My 23 month old son has been playing with my DS for a couple months now.
He knows how to open it, turn it on, pull out and put in the stylus, and scribble on the screen.

But in another year, he will be more sophisticated and able to understand about dangers etc, so the deadbolt shouldn’t be an issue. Also, you’ll need to not find him cute when he giggles about doing stuff like that…

I love the age your son is–the world is their oyster and every day brings new, cool things. Enjoy it and him. :slight_smile:

My friend’s kid is almost two and can work the DVD player. I am terrified by this next generation.

This is absolutely true! It’s great to watch him try to make sense out of stuff that everyone takes for granted, like a remote control or pictures hanging on the wall.

Well you’ve got to start thinking like a marine. Adapt and overcome. You can get one of those chain safetys that are pretty much worthless for keeping an intruder out but I’m sure it would be enough to handle your bundle of joy

My brother’s son wasn’t much older when he grabbed the keys to the car, unlocked the door, opened the car, started it and drove into the neighbor’s front porch. At less than 2 1/2. Be afraid.

I love that he and the dog are such good friends.


It’s threads like this that make me think, may Og help me, that I could stand having another child (or, well, a woman I was with, but you know what I mean). My sons are 13 now, but I remember all of those milestones like they were last month, not more than a decade ago.

They make these things you stick over the doorknob; they require an adult hand squeezing them to turn the knob. It’s the only reason the little girl I babysit hasn’t toured the world three or four times by now.

Oh, and get two or three…the rubber wears out after awhile.

These stories are adorable and scary. Whenever we have a kid, I’m going to keep it in a big baby corral with no access to doors or car keys.

How in the world can a greyhound and a mini poodle have puppies? Was a stepstool involved?

You think that’s bad? I once saw a picture of a dog that was a cross between a dachshund and a golden retriever. I’m not sure I even want to think about the mechanics involved in the impregnation, much less the birthing! :eek:

The kid sounds awesome, thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately I must invoke the “kitteh thread” rule (even though no cats were mentioned) and demand pictures.

My 20 month old dives headfirst off of the couch. He flips himself over the bars in the high chair. This is why we’re starting him in gymnastics on Saturday.

He also sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and can sing in tune - I’m hoping this means he’s musically inclined like his mother and not a drummer like his father ;). He can also sing along with several songs from the Wiggles and Sesame Street.

This age is a blast. A challenge, too, as I discovered this morning when he wanted to bring ALL of his Elmo and Arthur books into daycare with us, but even the challenges are worth it.

My wife keeps a blog that is approximately 94% Offspring, 5% poodle-hound, and 1% me and her.

The first couple of pics show him doing a dangerous handstand near the front door, and stealing his mother’s shoes.

Edit: lol, I’m not even on the first page of that blog anymore. Oh well, nobody feels like seeing me when there’s puppies and toddlers about.

You seem to be assuming that the poodle was the Dad. I kind of doubt it. My dog was 1/2 husky shepherd, 1/2 beagle. Poor mom was the little dog.

Mosier, it’s a brave new world! My little brother could use a computer fairly well long before he could read. I bet your kid will too.

No, I assumed the poodle was on a stepladder under the greyhound.

I can’t wait to see my future children embrace the new technology and then tell them boring stories about the way we used to have to do things.

Yes, you must take pictures. Metric buttloads of pictures. They grow so damned fast.

Today, Terrible Twos. Tomorrow, surly, black-garbed, insolent teenagers. The pictures make excellent blackmail/embarassment fodder.

OOOOOOOOH! Is that why last Christmas’ card from Bro involved a pic of The Nephew naked up as an angel, wearing nothing but a pair of wings, a hand in front of his privates and a look of “what the heck is this circus about?”?

Every single relative asked Mom “what were those two thinking?”, as if Mom could read SiL’s mind…

Major Update! Holy Crap!

My son is showing signs of letter and number recognition!

He has a toy computer that asks him to push the button that corresponds to the first letter in a word. The thing drives me nuts, because all he knows how to do with it is adjust the volume, which causes monkeys to squeal at the volume of the new setting. Whenever he played the letter games, he pushes random letters, and all I hear all day is “oops! try again!” or “sorry!”

I just heard the computer say “Whippee!!!” It was so startling that I didn’t know where it was coming from, at first. The computer hasn’t made that noise before! So I watched him for a few more minutes. It said “look at the word, and push the correct letter!” My little monster looked at the keys for a minute, deliberately pushed one, and got a “C is for car!” response, and my son gleefully replied “caaaah!!!” TWO correct in a row!

The next one asked him to find the S button, for “snake”. He looked for the correct button, and pushed Z. It said “whoops! Try again!” So he stubbornly pushed the Z button again, and it said “Sorry!” So he looked at the keys again, and I’ll be damned if he didn’t find S and push it!

For the past 10 minutes or so he has gotten nearly ALL of the letters correct! He pushed the “new game” button, and it asked him to find the number 10. He pushed the 10 button! (the number buttons are labeled 1-10 on his toy, not 0-9 like a real keyboard is). After that he got bored and put the toy away, so I couldn’t tell whether he just got lucky with the numbers or not.

Anyway, I’m really excited! Go, little monster offspring, go!