More things that always mean trouble

A new sun/ planet/ moon/ battlestation appears in the sky.

A stranger rides into town.

All the women in town give birth on the same day.

The lights go out and there’s a noise in the basement.

You’re challenged to a drag race.

You fall in love with a girl with a girl connected to a rival family/gang.

You mess around with Jim.

Everything goes quiet… too quiet.

Somebody says, “what else could go wrong?”

The streets are empty.

You get a nosebleed.

A phone call, or a knock on the door. In the middle of the night. Don’t answer!!!

Your friend tells you to get some sleep and that they’ll stay up and keep watch.

You and your friends split up to search

You are standing on the corner minding your own business

That shadowy guy in the corner keeps staringg at you. He pretends not to be when you look in his direction, but he’s lookin’. No doubt about it.

After an awkward encounter in the street, the handsome fellow who just accidentally splashed a puddle on you lets his laugh trail off slowly, looks you straight in the eyes, extends his hand, and tells you his name.

You’ve got just one more day to go before you retire (or get rotated back home).

“C’mon, just take a hit…”

A hot dame with a sexy 1940s style hair do, wearing stilettos, walks into your office and looks at you with eyes that would melt the paint off a Cadillac.

When someone says, “Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

There’s a sound of thunder, but no lightning.

Someone says, “I’ll be right back.”

You rest your eyes, for just a minute…

Everything’s in black and white and you hear this music going “DOO doo doo doo DOO doo doo doo . . .”

You turn off the TV, and it turns back on.

Check out these strange eggs/seeds/pods I found…

A friend dismisses your fears about a bad thing happening because ‘come on, this isn’t a movie!’

The phone rings and when you answer there is silence on the other end, or static.

Florescent lights flickering badly in a dim hallway.

In a movie, if there’s a black US president, then some kind of worldwide disaster is going to happen. (see Deep Impact, The Fifth Element, 2012, etc.)