More totally twisted thoughts from the random mind of tiggeril

In the spirit of this thread which sank like a stone, I welcome you to my brain. Let’s step inside, shall we?

-Ok, the laundry should be done around 3:30 or 4, and I should leave for Nym’s after that. I wonder what my ultra-paranoid brother would say about me meeting people that I only know online? I mean, after all, he thinks taking the Red Line from anywhere south of downtown means Instant Death.

-What the hell am I going to write my final paper about? Maybe my professor will let me reargue what I wrote my second paper about. I mean, I’m more interested in skepticism regarding other minds than the question of natural religion. I mean, Hume’s Dialogues are interesting, but I can’t bring myself to be able to argue philosophically about the nature/existence of God. At least we’ll be discussing morality next quarter. More Hume, and some Kant, with a touch of American Transcendentalism. Good schtuff.

-Ah, hell. I still have to study more for that goddamn Civ final. Why is that bitch giving us a final instead of a paper? And why is she testing us over every single one of the 50-some texts we read? Why does she want us to fail? It’s not like it reflects well on her, either. Agh. I’ll stop being petulant now.

-I hate doing laundry.

  • I hope my friend’s not mad at me for leaving the party early. But it was so boring! Drinking’s great, but I don’t want to just sit there staring at people.

-Where did people get the idea for bunny slippers? I mean, who was the person who saw two rabbits and decided, “Hey! I’ll hollow those two out and wear them on my feet, and people will think it’s cute! I think I’ll dye them pink for good measure and a little extra postmortem humiliation for bunny rabbits everywhere.” Or maybe whoever it was was wronged by a rabbit and decided to make an example of him and his best friend.

  • My toenails are sparkly red. When the hell did I paint my toenails??

-God, my half of the room is a mess. Oh, well. I’ll clean it up eventually… like when I move out.

  • My brain hurts.

  • Why do I like the boards and chat more that IRL interaction? It can’t be just the anonymity of it all, can it?

If this is how you spend your day, and these are the thoughts in your head, I imagine this thread will die as quickly as the last one.

It’s impossible to be interrupted? You don’t meet as many loons online? You can control who talks to you (to an extent) online?

::hoping this thread doesn’t die anytime soon::

And a nice brain it 'tis tig.

I’ll just have to settle for worshipping you from afar.

Forgive me for boring you. Enlighten me as to how I should spend my day and formulate the thoughts in my head, please. I salivate at the mere thought of being taught by the Master of Sequential, Fascinating, Intelligent, and All-Around Cool Thought.

::licks finger, touches tiggeril briefly::

Folks, she’s hot!

Oh, lord. Don’t tell me I have a fever again.


::decorates punha with sparkly lights and tinsel::

Me-ow! Someone needs a hug!

Excuse me, but who made you the arbiter of all that is fascinating?

Hugs and smooches, tigs dear. You carry on, okay?


Is THIS what’s passing as “totally twisted” these days?

Whew! I thought it was going to be something disturbing.


Personally, I found this far more disturbing than any thread about Triple Fisted, Fecal Loving, Squirrel Raping, Boobie Stabbing, Eel Blowing, Water Sports performing Humpbacked midgets.
You worry me tigger.

You took the words right out of my mouth. :wink: Also I’m rather impressed, tig. Your brain is a lot roomier than mine, which is mostly full of old beer cans. My compliments to your designer.

Damn, JBird…I would have though yer brain would be full of old Southern Comfort bottles. :wink:

Ummm… you haven’t met me offers hand to shake.

I graduated from a philosophy degree last year. God bless Kant eh? sigh


Actually, Falc, I’m a consciencous recycler when it comes to my old fifth bottles (excluding the half dozen or so strewn around my room). But the cans…well, somehow they keep winding up in the ol’ noggin :).

“Totally twisted” in a manner of speaking, of course. Like how my brother and I speared one of my Barbie dolls and some of my My Little Ponies on a poker and roasted them in the fireplace because we wanted to see if they would melt or burn.

So which was it? Did they melt or burn? Don’t keep us in suspense!