Morel Mushroom Hunters

Morel season is almost here!!!(In Michigan anyhow,I realise it comes earlier the further south you are).How many of you are hunters? Share your amazing finds and/or recipes here.
I am also looking for other ways to preserve them. I have dried,canned and froze them.What is your preference?

My favorite hunt of the year is morel hunting. There are not many in the area, so I get as few as ten a year, or as many as maybe a hundred in a great year. I give them to the family members that like them, because it’s the hunt I like not the eating. I wish I had an area like Muscoda to hunt in. A person can pick garbage bags full of them in that area. They won’t really be around until mid May through the end of May in this area. I have a few key plants I see in bloom at the same time that I know means it’s time to look.

Peripherally-related mushroom article by Cecil, FYI:

Except once-in Rhode Island. I walk every day in the woods (I have a dog), and see all kinds of mushrooms-but never morels. Do they taste better than regular champignons?

My sister-in-law made some for me last year. They were awesome.

Then she said now I can say I’ve eaten real Wisconsin morels.

Are you talking about button mushrooms when you say champignon? If so,yeah they taste better,the taste is hard to describe but the best description I have ever heard is they taste like filet mignon covered in crushed walnuts.

Just wait til ya get a chance to try Michigan Morels!