Been Morel Hunting Yet? How Have You Done?

It’s morel season in my part of Missouri! Unfortunately, I’m saddled by an urban upbringing in an area where morels are uncommon and hunting grounds few and far between, so I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Fortunately, my friend Bob has forgotten more about mycology than I’ll ever know, and if there’s a morel to be found, he’ll find it. We’ve gone a-huntin’ three times so far this season, always coming up bubkus.

How has your morel hunt been?

Haven’t ‘hunted’ yet, but was at the park yesterday and realized it was perfect morel weather! Poked around some but didn’t see anything.

I never do well. Usually a few, just enough for a teeny-tiny snack when they’re sauteed in butter.

I know people who come back with 5-gallon buckets full.

I’ve seen roadside stands around here selling them for $20/pound.

Still a few weeks to go here in Iowa except maybe a few brave greys. Once I smell lilacs on the breeze I’ll put on my rubber boots, spray on some tick-get-the-hell-off-me I’ll go wander woods and maybe get a hand full.

I’m more worried about the Oysters and whether we should pick any. There was an article about morels and floodwater (to not pick them) and where the Oysters flush heaviest has always been flooded once or thrice a year (bottom lands). Mushroom hunters cautioned in flood areas

I haven’t hunted since the move to AZ over a decade ago. But when I lived in KS mid-April was a good time to look. Find a creek with a good tree growth around either side. The morels liked to pop up around the edge of the canopy line of trees. No mistaking the honey color of the morels.

Still too early here in the North ID panhandle - need more snow to melt. However, it’s going to be soon. My buddy is a forester and he lets me know when it’s time. :smiley: