Morels just started popping. Care to share your secrets?

Mushroom hunters here (Missouri) are beginning to have some luck.

I never hunted for morels until last spring, and got in on the action a little late. This year, I plan on hunting like a man on a mission…a misson to eat lots of morels, that is.

If you’re a morel freak, what are your favorite spots to find them?

Once you do find them, how do you propare them?

The few I found last year were mostly near dead trees or rotting logs.

I didn’t have enough to experiment much, so they just got soaked in salt water for a while, halved lenghtwise, and sauteed in butter. Wonderful.

Half the fun of hunting them, of course, is just being outside trompring through the woods on a beautiful spring day :slight_smile:

My morals started popping when I was 13.

Indeed? How did you prepare them :dubious: