Morning drunkenness

No, not before work. On the weekends. This is the situation: I get home Friday from an exceedingly boring week at work, and crack open some fine Canadian beer. I spend most of my evening on SDMB and in SD chat. I end up falling asleep (passing out, really) on my couch. I wake up far too early, and there’s still beer in my fridge. So I drink it, mainly to get back to sleep. I have an important lesbian potluck to attend later, so I need my rest… :wink:

Tell me I’m not the only one… :smiley:

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You are not the only one. I have an important lesbian potluck to attend later too. :smiley:

While I much prefer to find an, ummm, herbal remedy to this problem, I must admit that I have done it as well. seriously though, that thing about “fine” canadian beer was a joke right?:slight_smile:

A buzz before noon. Ahhh, the good old days.

I really consider it a rare treat when I can have a day to myself and start cooking or cleaning early in the day on a Saturday or Sunday and have a nice little buzz before noon. About two or three time a year is all I can manage though.

However, when I worked nights, those morning buzzes were pretty frequent (I was also MUCH younger). We knew all the early opening bars, with pool tables and classic old man bartenders.


There was a period in my life where I almost always had a couple beers Sunday morning. On those rare occasions that I was feeling hung over, there’s nothing better.

(Aside to Jane D’oh!: Don’t hate me. I’m sorry. Soon!)

There was a time when I lived off the “hair of the dog.” Not just for relief, but for fun too.

Those were the days… !


I wasn’t feeling hung over… I just woke up still buzzed. So I had some more, took a long nap, and now I’m still buzzed. Now, I have to go to this lesbian potluck. I really hope I can deal with being sociable… :wink:

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I’m drunk right now. But, isnt that the best. when you wake up, and instead of ung over, your still feelin drunk?? Happwns to me spmetimes.

Back in the pre-clinical days, my class would traditionally gather after tests at The Wheel, which isn’t so much a bar as it is a liquor store with a pool table and whose primary customers stop in a few times a day for a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20.

Later in first year, as the classes got easier and the tests shorter, we often found ourselves finished before they opened at 10:00. The result would be a crowd of medical students milling about outside, waiting for the bar to open. The comedy of the situation wasn’t lost on us.

I was seriously buzzed by noon on Match Day, but that’s only because I organized it, so I was there early. Most people were hammered by 1:00, though.

Those exceptions aside, I was never a morning drinker. Most of my episodes of AM drunkenness have been residual drunkenness from the night before.

Dr. J

I have always found that beer makes a great breakfast. Of coarse I work nights so I often find myself explaining to people why I am drunk at nine in the morning (I don’t get off work until 5a.m.) But even when I go to bed after work I often wake up and have a beer immediatly after I take my shower. :smiley:

Once woke up still massively drunk…on the day of a fencing meet. Sobering up slowly to the sight of three feet of steel striking at your chest is no fun. Especially when you’re too drunk to ward it off.

Fortunately, I was sober by the second round.

I’m notorious for waking up drunk the next morning

But the odd thing is if I dont go to sleep I’ll eventually sober up faster than if I did

You just gotta love it, I do it all the time!

I think I’ll do it tomorrow morning and see how it feels. Thanks for the great idea!

OK, I’ll bite. What the hell is a lesbian potluck, and why is it so important?

And why do you keep winking after you say it? Do you have a tick?

And if it’s fun, how do I get invited? So many questions…

As an old guy, a grandparent, a parent, and as a recovering alcoholic: Don’t let alcohol get the best of you—please.

For some reason I do not get hangovers, I have REALLY REALLY deserved them before and for the life of me I don’t know what happens to them, where they go or what they do. I hope someone gives them a good home, but it does not keep me up at nights. As for morning afters I hardly ever start drinking before noon, but it is not unusual for me to wake up and be drunk from last nights whiskey untill well past noon 3 times a week. It makes me feel giddy. On occasion though (nights that end around 6 and days that start at 7) I am so drunk the whole next day that I may as well have killed a 1/5th for breakfast.

There are people who actually enjoy waking up drunk? shudder It’s one of the least pleasant experiences I’ve ever had…

It was actually just a potluck hosted by a lesbian friend of mine. The “lesbian potluck” thing is an inside reference to two horrible experiences I (well, we all) had at events hosted by said friend and her psycho, anal-retentive ex-girlfriend. I’ll get into it later if you want on MPSIMS…

Note to self: never, ever get stoned at a lesbian potluck again!

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scott: there’s already a thread in MPSIMS for you, though you may have to dig back a day or two.