Who else is in the midst of getting wasted?

I can certainly say I am. It’s Friday. It’s been a long, boring week. I have to go to a lesbian potluck tomorrow night. Solution: 8% beer. (Yay Canada!)

I’ll probably pass out soon, but believe me, I’ll be back… :smiley:

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I’m tyring to pace myself, but I’m almost there. Hating the world today, so I’m staying in and sipping scotch. But tomorrow you say there is a “lesbian potluck”. Sounds interesting. :wink:

Not yet, but I’ll commence the process in an hour or so.

By the way scott…58 posts in one day? Damn, man! You are bored!:wink:

I’ll get into my experiences with lesbian potlucks and barbecues, as well as other dinner party horrors, when I have more mental fortitude. :wink:

Anyway, it’s being hosted by one lesbian and the guests will be predominantly gay guys (myself included) and women. I’m making a lovely chickpea salad. :slight_smile:

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[sub]My previous post is not meant to be disrespectful to any lesbians.[/sub]

Ferrous, are you keeping stats on all of us now???

sure wish i was, too bad the liquor stores aren’t selling liquor. . . just blunts and cigarettes to little kids at these hours :rolleyes:

Around 10PM tonight I will be partaking in spirituos beverages.

I spent the entire day hopped up on Benadryl and Nyquil. (Yes, for the usual reason.) Does that count?

No. If you want sum fun, call me, you ho. :wink:

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Benadryl and Nyquil ain’t gonna cut it alone. You have to have a nice snifter of cognac or Grand Marnier, then you’ll be all better.

I’ve just drank 3 beers, and will probable drink a few more before bed. Does that count as getting wasted?

Oh, sure, why the hell not?

I just got back from a night out with an old school buddy. Her husband and two sons went off on one of those Male Drumming In the Woods Weekends, and she looked to me for someone to get up to some fun with.

We went out to dinner and then back to her place. Much consumption of booze. Currently topping off the night with a glass of cheap red wine. I’m happy!!

just cracked a Heiny and lit a doob.