Moron wingnuts can't tell Nuclear Summit logo from Islam moon-and-star

Look at the flag in the photo that goes with this article.

Now look at this symbol of Islam.

If you can tell them apart, you’re sane.

Apparently, some people can’t.

Wow, they’re both like, round and stuff…


The flags in that picture are the U.S. flag behind the Chinese head of state, and the Chinese flag behind the U.S. head of state. The Nuclear Summit logo is between them, not on a flag.

Hey, so is that “rolleyes” symbol!

FairyChatMom is an Islamic terrorist!

This just means that Obama is totally in the tank for Procter & Gamble.

Green and white too! :eek:

Who we already know are Satanist! Connect the dots, people, connect the dots!

OMG! Hydrogen is a radical Islamist!!!1

I stand corrected on that point. I had selected one photo, then found a much better one, and neglected to correct the text.

At least the wingnut’s knowledge of foreign geography doesn’t extend to Britain’s top naval base.

And it’s already everywhere!


I guess we know why there’s this sudden push for a hydrogen economy, don’t we??! It’s not enough that they got all the oil, now they have all the hydrogen, too?! From now on, I’m using only the power that comes from burning good, clean, American bald eagles!

Hell, it doesn’t even extend to South Carolina.

If you listen to the “wing nut”, that’s not really what he’s saying. He’s saying that the symbol was designed to appeal to Muslim nations by making the logo similar to the Islamic crescent. Kind of a nutty idea, but not exactly what the OP is getting at.

Other than that, I’m shocked to learn that some blogger somewhere posted something stupid on our pristine internet. It is now forever soiled.

Wait, check the background - blue background, hydrogen symbol… clearly the creator of this is a comic book reader, to think to use such symbolism.

Now who else do we know who’s a comic book geek and alleged Muslim? :dubious:

Wingnuts said the same thing about the US Missile Defense Agency logo a couple of months ago. Can’t they at least find a new theme for their paranoid wingnuttery?

No wonder South Carolina started the Civil War.

It’s actually from a columnist from the (Murdoch owned) New York Post, and that’s Fox News reporting on it, not a random blogger.

Teabaggers get all huffy and upset when anyone implies that they are stupid and uninformed, but they keep coming up with stuff like this.

But, keep defending it at every turn. You’re doing yeoman’s work.

:confused: “Defending”? I didn’t really see John Mace’s post as “defending” the admittedly nutty idea that the nuclear summit logo was specifically designed to project Islamophilia.

At most, he was saying that this stupidity wasn’t worth Pitting, which may be a mild form of threadshitting (“I’m shocked to learn that some poster started a Pit thread about a comparatively minor annoyance!”) but doesn’t really qualify as defending stupidity.

OK, The NYP, not some blogger. That’s slightly higher on the totem pole, I guess. But I don’t usually support things by calling them “nutty”. Do you?

Only when recommending brands of peanut butter.