Moronic bumper sticker

I know that lots of threads have been done here about clever, cute or funny bumper stickers. How about this one (which I saw today on the back of a ute).

Who says Australia’s education system is broken? :smack:

That’s just stupid enough to be funny. :smiley:

That is funny because the loudest car in town belongs to an old guy. He is the envy of all teenagers, he rattles the cups off Sonic’s shelves. :smiley:
He can’t hear well, but hey… his car is cool.

The bumper sticker is actually printed with the grammatical errors as you reproduced them here? That’s just sad.

I was to busy laughing too proofread my bumper sticker.

Seriously, that’s kind of sad.

Here’s a sticker even more moronic than that one.


Just saw the other day
“Stop the war on Iran”


On Route 83 there is a highway sign from PennDot that says: Do to construction lanes will be closed starting Monday June 19th.


Yes, sorry, should have made that clear. I don’t know how many people it takes to make a line of bumper stickers, but not one of them noticed that over half of the words in this one were inappropriately spelled or contained punctuation errors.

I’m sure that’s going to go down well when the driver gets pulled over by the cops at either an RBT or for peing a punk smartass…

And yeah, I think it’s just proof that far too many people in this country are totally incapable of spelling properly.

What the hell do kids do at school in this country, anyway?

And that should read “being a punk smartass…” :smack:

Why, oh why, isn’t there an edit function here? :mad: