Morons! I'm surrounded by morons!

This quote seems very familiar to me. I envision it in my mind being said by a live actor, perhaps Wallace Shawn. But the only film I can find that uses that line is All Dogs Go To Heaven or one of its sequels, and I’ve never seen any of those films.

Wallace Shawn does call ancient philosophers ‘morons’ in The Princess Bride.

Can I be conflating that line with the titular one? Of course. But where do I get the quote ‘Morons! I’m surrounded by morons!’ if it didn’t come from the movie(s) I didn’t see?

Closest thing I can think of off hand is Gene Hackman in “Superman:”

Probably not it, so happy hunting!

You’re hearing either Tonka’s or Creamsicle’s thoughts.

Spaceballs? Definitely Mel Brooks. "Lieutenant Moron reporting, Sir,… :slight_smile: "

I think it’s Muppet Christmas where one of the characters says a magnificent, “You are SUCH an IDIOT!”

And then there’s Lion King, where Scar says in Jeremy Iron’s magnificent tones, “I am surROUNDed by idiots!”

Is that the TV edit? Because it sounds a lot like the “How many Assholes are on this ship?” scene…

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid

Strother Martin to the guys as they riding into town in Peru.

*Butch Cassidy: [interrupting] I think they’re in the trees up ahead.

Sundance Kid: In the bushes on the left.

Butch Cassidy: I’m telling you they’re in the trees up ahead.

Sundance Kid: You take the trees, I’ll take the bushes.

Percy Garris: Will you two beginners cut it out.

Butch Cassidy: Well, we’re just trying to spot an ambush, Mr. Garris.

Percy Garris: Morons. I’ve got morons on my team. Nobody is going to rob us going down the mountain. We have got no money going down the mountain. When we have got the money, on the way back, then you can sweat.*

I think you’re right - I found reference to both but no Youtube of “Morons”. Which I think is funnier given Dark Helmet’s cross-eyed spaceship crew.

Silenus speaks the truth. Butch Cassidy is what I thought just scanning the thread titles.

This seems pretty close (with no cigar):

Surrounded By Frickin’ Idiots

Butch Cassidy “Morons” clip:

Turn it up loud!

Bingo! :slight_smile:

My debate kids really hate that clip, because I play it during our after-tournament debriefings whenever anybody does something egregiously stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ryan Dunn in the lake-slide segment from Jackass the TV series…"I am surrounded by morons.’

So sad I didn’t log on at 8:53 this morning so I could’ve been the first to name Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid–one of my top 10 favorite movies and the source of many memorable quotes applicable to daily use.

Damn. Now I . . .

  1. Must watch the movie again for the umteenth time
  2. Am disappointed at my late arrival to the OP’s question
  3. Have **Sweet Betsy From Pike **as an earworm

Jose Ferrer as the evil Turk in “Lawrence of Arabia” captures Lawrence and says, ‘you have an interesting face. Look at them’ (gestures to soldiers) ‘they wouldn’t know an interesting face…I am surrounded by cattle.’

Henri, Le Chat Noir - existential French internet cat, in his first video, declares he is ‘surrounded by morons’. But he got it from elsewhere, I’m sure.

Singing too-ra-li-oo-ra-li-oo-ra-li-ay. :cool: :cool:

a. I still would have beaten you by 30 minutes.
b. Happy I beat all you humpties to the punch!
c. Be glad the earworm isn’t…the other song. (shudder)
d. The wife swears I’m gay for Robert Redford in that movie. I don’t deny it too hard.

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