Most basic question from computer illeterate : how to open a .clp file?

Yes, I’m unable to open a clipboard file. A plain, stupid, screenshot that I can’t manage to open. What programm a I supposed to use in order to view it? Vueprint doesn’t seem to be of any use. I don’t think I had an issue with that previously, but I formated my hard drive recently, so I probably erased in the process some programm supposed to open the .clp files.

Sorry for this most basic and silly question…

I looked at the link, but I can’t believe I’m supposed to use some rare or “pro” programm just to take a screenshot… :dubious:
So, I suspect that actually I’m not supposed to try to open this .clp file.
So, here’s y new question, probably even dumber. How are you supposed to take a screenshot? People do this all the time. There must be some basic, simple, obvious way to do it…

If you push the Print Screen button on your keyboard, that’ll capture the entire screen into the clipboard. Then, you just open MS Paint (type mspaint from Start -> Run), paste the image, and save it (probably as JPG or PNG).

Also, Alt + Print Screen lets you capture just the current window instead of the whole screen.

It depends what type of screen you’re trying to capture. If you’re trying to take a screenshot while Windows has control of the video card (i.e. you don’t have a full-screen program running), then it’s pretty simple:

1.) Press the ‘Print’ or ‘Prt Scr’ button on your keyboard (usually in the upper right hand corner) - this copies the current contents of the screen onto the Windows clipboard
2.) Open a photo-editing application (the Windows ‘Paint’ program will do nicely)
3.) Paste the contents of the clipboard into a new picture (Edit->Paste or Ctrl-V)
4.) Save the picture.

If you are trying to take a screenshot of a full-screen application (like a DirectX/OpenGL game), then you can either:
a: Use the game’s built in screenshot function and find out where the game stores its screen shots
b: Purchase an all-purpose screen capture program - sorry, I don’t have any specific recommendations.

Cripes, too late.

The Alt-prtscrn is a new one to me. Learn something every day.

Here’s the problem. I use the prt scr button, it does copy it in the clipboard, but then I can’t seem to paste it. For instance, I tried do to it with this thread. The screen shot is in the clipboard, but nothing happens with ctrl-V and in the menu"Edit" I only have the option “suppress” (“paste” isn’t even greyed out, it just doesn’t exist at all. “Suppress” is the only choice in the drop down menu). The only possibility is in the menu “file”, then “save as” but then it only saves it as a .clp file that I can’t read (hence my original question). MSpaint don’t recognize .clp files, nor does the programm I usually use for pictures, Vueprint.

And as I mentionned before I took screenshot in the past, though rarely, and I remember it beiong quite straightforward. I don’t understand what the issue could be.

And by the way, it’s the same whether I use prt screen or Alt prt screen…

Suppress…? What operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) are you using?

You can’t paste an image into a website like that. Try pasting it into MSPaint (if you’re on Windows) or a program like Word, and you should be able to see it.

(You don’t OPEN the file with MSpaint, you paste it directly into the program using CTRL-V).

Also, if it helps any, you can type “clipbrd” into Start -> Run to view the current contents of the clipboard. That’ll let you see if you are indeed making screenshots.

However, that shouldn’t be necessary. What program are you trying to paste the screenshot into?

My perating system is Windows 98. And the browser isn’t involved in the operation since I just want to store the screenshot on my computer.

But Ctrl-V doesn’t work… Once again, the only option offered by the clipboard is “save as”, in which case it’s saved as a .clp file, that MSPaint can’t read.

I do take them. If I open the clipboard, I can see the picture. But of course, it’s deleted and replaced as soon as I copy something else (part of your post a couple minute ago, for instance). What I’m trying to do is saving or copying the picture (or something else, it doesn’t work anymore with the copy of your post, for instance) somewhere else, so that it will not be deleted. And I can’t manage to copy/paste it, and if I save it, it’s saved as .clp file that I can’t open, at least not with MSpaint, nor Viewprint.

Ok…While I was trying agin, I noticed that I could load the .clp file (that I had put in some random folder) again in the clipboard hence see it again. Actually, it solves my current problem since I only need to be able to look at it while I’m recreating it. But still, if in the future I want for some reason to copy a screenshot on the web, or to send it to someone, I need something else that this “unviewable-except-in-the-clipboard” screenshot.

I tried to change the .clp extension in .bmp or .gif, but of course, it didn’t work.

It seems that the problem is that you’re trying to do stuff with the clipboard itself. Don’t! Just forget it exists.

Hit PrtScr, open Paint, Ctrl-V (Yes, make the bitmap bigger, if it asks), and save from Paint.

Firstly, ‘suppress’ is just 'delete on a French version of windows.

clairobscur, do what rjk and forget all about this clipboard.

“Hit PrtScr, open Paint, Ctrl-V (Yes, make the bitmap bigger, if it asks), and save from Paint.”

That’s really all you have to do. You don’t use any other programs other than Paint and esp. not whatever program is telling you that it’s a .cpl file.

If Paint isn’t giving you the ‘coller’ option when you open it up than you have a bigger problem with windows.