Working with images online

Is there any way to paste images in some online application?

There are some journal articles from which I wish to extract images and save on disk. For this week, I am forced to use library terminals instead of the usual lab terminals. These computers have Firefox, IE, Java and Acrobat installed with limited ability to install anything else. Now, I can select images and copy to clipboard from PDFs but since there’s no image editor installed, I can’t paste and save them (little to none manipulation required). I can install apps which are self-contained i.e. can be unpacked and run from one folder, but I would prefer some browser-based service where I can paste image data and save that to a local file or remote URL. If none, know of any compact image editors that don’t require installation as such?


Do the library terminals have paint?

Can you create short-cuts? Why not just save them as .clp’s?
Make a short-cut (The path for the clipboard is “C:\WINDOWS\system32\clipbrd.exe”), then just open clipboard and “FILE>SAVE AS”.
Then open it later with clipboard or an image editor that “sees” .clp’s (I’m using IrfanView and it opens .clp’s)

CMC fnord!