Most bizarre ad? No. Most AWESOME

OK, this is by way of offering a response to the inherent weirdness of Herman Cain’s ad.

Ed Lee’s Re-election ad or at least one put together to support him. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see it.

Lee is the interim Mayor in San Francisco. And it appears he has some serious backing. And a unique sensibility.

Hell, I want to move to SF and vote for the guy now.

Definitely an unusual ad but pretty awesome at the same time.

I like the ad and am giggling over the shiny black garbage bag trousers.

That totally fuckin’ rocks!

I can’t watch the ad right now, but no matter how cool it makes Ed Lee seem, I will not be voting for him.

After the then Mayor was elected Lieutenant Governor, there was an acrimonious battle to replace him. The Board of Supervisors finally selected Ed Lee, based on his promise not to run for a full term. Now that his interim term is ending, he has decided to break his promise. He got the job based on the idea that he was just an adminstrator, not a politician. Now he has demonstrated that he is as much of a liar and a promise-breaker as any other politician.

He’s not the worst SF politician, but sometimes that’s not saying much. He’s running against a bunch of idiots.

Well, he definitely wins the award for the most creative ad.

I know nothing about Ed Lee. But I know an awesome political ad when I see one. :smiley:

It would have been a lot funnier if they’d shown the candidate himself dancing in garbage-bag pants.

With a little more digging it’s clear this isn’t associated with his campaign at all. He just has some (very) well-heeled supporters who put it together. So it’s no surprise if it doesn’t feature Lee in an active role.

That WOULD be funnier, though.

Yes it would. In fact, as someone who never so much as set foot in San Francisco, I demand that Ed Lee make such a video if he wants my non-existent vote.

Just for full disclosure I paused it at the disclaimer: