NY GOP Congressman Christopher Lee Resigns in Sex Scandal

There is no joy in Batavia tonight. Lee represented the area of Western New York state up near Canada, it looks like his 26th District was between Buffalo and Rochester.

Details are still emerging, but it seems he’s married and was trolling for women on Craigslist, with a shirtless picture of himself as bait. Apparently as soon as Boehner heard about it he blew his lid and leaned on Lee to go.

Aside from the obvious amusement factor, there’s two weird things. I mean, the guy really thought nobody would ever notice? And, since when does a GOP sex scandal involve somebody in trouble over women? Sick,dude!

He’s a first-termer so it’s not like he leaves a huge gap, but being in NYC I didn’t hear much about him during the last election–Carl Palladino pretty much sucked up all the air for our crazy westerners news. Any reactions from our Western NYers?

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Why would a married well-known politico advertise himself shirtless on a public board? Either it’s a frame, or he’s really REALLY farking stupid.

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I vote “stupid”; I’d expect him to fight a frame, not just resign right off.

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samclem Moderator

He was so good in the Lord of the Rings movies. :slight_smile: And Star Wars too.
FYI, he did not place an ad, he responded to one and sent the shirtless picture.

Well, Attack of the Clones. In The Revenge of the Sith I thought he kind of lost his head…

With his FACE in it??? :smack::smack::smack::smack::smack:

That’s right, the details were still coming out when he posted. He resigned at 5:00 my time, and the national news broadcasts don’t have it yet.

He responded to the ad using his own name. Used his own Gmail account. Took the picture with his own phone. Tried to claim his phone was hacked. Gave up and resigned before most people even knew about the scandal, which broke on Gawker this afternoon. Priceless.

He lied about his age too! Said he was 39 when he’s 46.

More evidence, really, that nonmonogamous people should stop entering into monogamous commitments when they are incapable of monogamy (or exit said commitments if they become incapable of monogamy later on).

It keeps piling up. I’m sure Dan Savage will post this on Slog later tonight (if not already).

Only problem I see is if he is married or not. If he is single, big fucking whoop. It isn’t like he is looking for a giant black dude named Bubba who likes golden showers.

Hey, to each his own :wink:

How long before Fox News reports he is a Democrat?

Well, he is a Republican. :smiley:

Another vote for stupid. If he’d just sent her pictures of his wang and not cooperated with the investigation, he’d get to play out the season before quietly retiring.

Et tu, Silenus? I expect better from you.

He claimed to be a divorced lobbyist - I’m thinking that’s a good prediction of his future.

Word. Live up to your commitments, renegotiate, or don’t make them.

“Hey baby, want me to show you my staff?”