Most common reason to be Pitted Appears to be Dishonesty?

Why do you invent issues that aren’t actually happening?
You’ve created a scenario that is not reality here.
That is not how things work here on the SDMB.
The Trolls R Us Thread occasionally picks out socks before we notice them. They often provide links to the actual thread where the trolling is happening. If the Pitting determined policy and established that posters were trolls, then a few of the posters in this thread would be gone. Clearly that is not how things work.

One real problem with the Pitting of posters, especially when it comes often, is it ratchets up general hostility. I think it accelerated Shodan’s and Clothahump’s bannings but they were far from a short leash.

I’m apathetic toward the pit in general, if we did do away with pitting each other, I wouldn’t miss it that much but I also don’t buy into the bullying bit also. If we keep it largely untouched, I’m fine with that also.


Do you think the mods just read a pit thread and blindly believe every claim in it? Honestly, I’m insulted. But the consolidation of links to actual posts is sometimes convenient. And sometimes just being alerted that such and such poster bears watching prospectively is also helpful.

Note that reporting potential trolls does much the same as the latter, and can also be extremely helpful to the mods. It’s generally preferable, as it doesn’t “poison the well” for other posters. But of course, if you are worried about potential trolls not seeing the accusations against them, it’s far worse.

So I’ll go back to asserting that the mods don’t blindly believe everything they are told.

Why are you making this personal again?

The ideological double standard in moderating the debate fora is obvious, and the running “comment every time the wrong people post in the debate fora” Pit threads are a pretty good sign of what the clique that sets allowable opinions is thinking.

Why are you answering a question with a question?

I think it’s difficult for anyone not to become biased after reading only one side of anything. If Pit threads are being used as a tool to find consolidated links, as you say, that can be done in reports. If it needs to be in public, it would be more fair to be in ATMB where the person can defend themselves and not get flamed.

I’m not saying that mods just use Pit threads as their basis for modding, although I suppose it could happen. I’m saying that it’s more fair if both sides are being represented if something is going to be used for mod purposes.

I have never seen any forum that allowed politically commentary at all that wasn’t accused of biased moderation. Moderation is actually quite difficult, if you try to do it fairly. I’m sure we mods have all made mistakes.

But I’m not sure what the clique allows, because despite my lukewarm support for the pit, I rarely read it. And i doubt the mods follow that clique all that closely.

These statements seem to be in conflict to me.

First, I’ve often read a pit rant about another poster and concluded that the person writing the rant is a jackass. I think you are wrong about the persuasiveness of “one side”. Second, in the vast majority of cases where the mods actually look at pit threads while discussing moderation, both sides have, in fact, posted.

I really think you are inventing problems that don’t exist.

I am much more sympathetic to the claim that the pit engenders bitterness between posters, or heck, to the claim that the mods are wildly biased (with or without the pit), than i am to your concerns stated here.

You’re right. I should have written something like, the mods could be using Pit threads to make modding decisions if the mods are using Pit threads OPs to look for patterns.

Obviously, I disagree. Despite both sides being in the thread, it’s difficult for the Pittee to get a fair hearing when they’re getting flamed. If they insult back, they’re looking bad. If they try to explain, they sometimes get drowned out by the flames or just the idle chatter.

Reports to the mods are generally pretty one sided…

You say that in a way that sounds like it’s a point against the Pit, when it’s a point in its favour. They were both given too much rope as it was, if the Pit shortened that, then bully for the Pit.

Most of the trolls raised in the Troll bus thread aren’t political at all, just common-or-garden trocks of no identifiable ideology.

Are you completely unaware of how often a Pit thread turns on the pitter?

When the mods get a report it’s part of their job, and I trust them to do their due diligence and read the thread to get the context.

On the other hand, mods are almost always reading Pit threads as a poster, without any such requirement, and it could potentially bias their impressions of the Pittee. Thinking that a certain poster needs watching is itself likely to bias the mod when judging them later.

Chlothahump and Shodan were here for years (decades?) before they were banned. It’s hard to argue that the Pit shortened their tenure. They get to own their banning based on their own behavior.

When Clothahump stayed away from politics, he was a good poster. Somewhere along the way, he ended up just posting in political stuff. I think the back and forth of the pit might have had something to do with this, but again, he was by no means on a short leash.

And I am doing a terrible job trying to explain myself.

I think we get the gist.

It is possible, but by no means certain, that the Pitting of those posters led to their deterioration. Or maybe not. Certainly, their pittings in no way improved their postings.

Other that the “regards” thing, I was Ok with Shodan until he went off. Same with Clothahump. Both got bad, quickly, it seems. Mind you they had issues all along, sure.

Thank you, that sums it up better than I managed.

Oddly, usually other people say things better than I post! :grinning:

I want to add- I am always open to constructive criticism. In the ATMB thread, several posters stepped in and mentioned several small things I did that pissed them off. I have tried to stop those things.

And to the Mods- I am much more open to a PM with a firm suggestion than a order.

I know I have been a member for a long time but let me make a case for what would attract new people and turn away new people. While active for a long time, that was mainly back in the 00 naughts when I was a different person then I was now. I have been back again and away again many times and so think I possibly have a perspective on what brings me back and drives me away.

This board is special. It is a gem among many other boards…usually…sometimes. Questions get answered here! Often much more than you expect. This was the board that showed me the error of my ways when I thought that scientists predicted an ice age back in the 70s and were worried about global cooling. Several posters told me I was wrong and gave links which I followed up on and…scientists were ALWAYS concerned about warming and not cooling. It changed my mind, corrected mu ignorance and I never made that wrong claim again.

Recently I had a question on when the perctange of Oxygen in the atmosphere would become problematic and was, again, given links to videos which were amazing. I learned that even a 10% increase in O2 percentage could cause problems. You just don’t get that on many other sites like you do here.

So what drives me away?

  • Not the Pit. I can ignore the Pit. I really don’t think the Pit drives people away.

  • Political differences? Not really. One can avoid those threads but if they start penetrating many threads unrelated to politics…

  • Asking a question and having it sink into oblivion with few/unuseful comments. I know, there may be a reason for it but if it happens to a newbie or to someone more often…

  • Asking a question and having people snarkily tell you to do your own looking up or asking if you know what Google is. New people want to become involved in a conversation. I think of that comedian who had the “Here’s Your Sign” skits of people asking stupid questions…and in 90% of them the person wasn’t being stupid but was just trying to start a conversation.

  • Asking a question and having it derailed into oblivion. In the Oxygen question I mentioned above, some poster ranted on about how smoking is bad for you and so is problematic at any O2 level (my original question asked about smoking and O2 levels as part of it). This was contained but has in the past derailed threads. Yes, I know, smoking is bad…don’t do it…but that is NOT the question! Non-helpful or scolding posts that get out of hand REALLY drive people away. People are curious and want to learn, not to be moralized.

  • Well known regulars that really only talk to each other. I have seen new posters post something interesting only to be ignored by ‘big names’ talking to each other.

Just some quick observations.