Most famous newspaper headlines

Not so much the stories themselves, but what is the most famous headline, where the newspaper itself is the iconic image? I nominate:

Chicago (Daily) Tribune: Dewey Defeats Truman

NY Daily News: Ford to City: Drop Dead

And for local flavor:

Honolulu Star Bulletin: WAR!

I always liked “Headless Body Found in Topless Bar,” from the New York Post, although I don’t know if I can find an image of the paper.

Perhaps the most famous British one:

Gotcha and another Sun special

Am I sensing a Sun bias here? Eeek.

Bat Boy Found In Cave!


(I doubt that one’s true, but it’s funny regardless.)

Isn’t this Sun headline rather famous?


Isn’t there a New York Times headline that declared “God is dead”? Elton John seems to think there was, anyway, which probably makes it pretty famous.

There was a Time magazine cover that asked the question, “Is God Dead?”, but I’m not finding an actual NYT headline for it. I think Sir Elton was just extemporizing, better known to layman as “making shit up”.

Could he have been thinking about Time Magazine? That cover made it in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby.”

In the lobby of the paper I used to work for ( St. Petersburg Times) are blown up versions of the papers’ most famous headlines, the most eyecatching being “Japs Surrender” (sorry, I couldn’t find a link). Not particularly funny or odd, except that I always found it interesting that the most liberal institution I’ve ever had personal involvement with would display a six foot reproduction of something with the word “Japs” on it.

They also omitted the headline they printed announcing Al Gore’s presidential victory, but who can blame them?

Moon landing.

Here is an image of that headline.

And here is the Surrender Monkeys headline from the New York Post.

First, Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics, not Sir Elton.

And the article in question appears to be found here


I was wrong, then.

“SIX KNOWN DEAD, 21 INJURED” :eek: :eek: :eek:

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