Best News Headline

Burning bush ignites Woodburn church

From the old St. Louis Sun, referencing a man’s awkward attempt to seduce a woman in a bar.

He Bit Hers, So She Sued His

I think one of the best ever is the SF Examiner’s headline from 9/11 (OK, 9/12):

The Smokin Joe’s boat beat the Budweiser boat in a hydroplane race. Our front page headline the next day…

Joe Smokes Bud

Two old favourites from WWII:

**Eighth Army Push Bottles Up Germans

MacArthur Flies Back to Front**

Headless Body In Topless Bar

The Sun is an excellent source. One of its more famous headlines was Gotcha.

One of the true marks of brilliance where it comes to headlines is brevity: the ability of the subeditors to sum up the entire story in the minimum number of words.

Which is why I love this one so much - there is really no way to sum up the story other than:

Woman in sumo wrestler suit assaulted her ex-girlfriend in gay pub after she waved at man dressed as a Snickers bar

so … it is not a case of live nude girls?

Man put melon through ex-partner’s cat-flap

Ike Beats Tina To Death

The Sun has the best ones:

Super Cally go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious
Freddy Starr ate my hamster
How do you solve a problem like Korea?
Stick it up you Junta
Wham Bam! Sam Cam to be mam (she’ll need a new pram)

Crack Found in Man’s Buttocks.