Stop me before I pun again!

Probably not Jay Leno quality, but this headline (the second story) in our local newspaper today had everybody in the office rolling their eyes. This was the headline that actually appeared in the newspaper, too. Front page. Don’t they send these kids to journalism school any more?

I have no idea where to even start looking for the article, but many years ago (maybe 12 or so), there was a case of a female naval officer being raped and wound up getting pregnant. The headline read “Seamen belived responsible for pregnancy” :smack:

Not sure if it was a pun, but it was amusing to hear on the radio a headline that came out as: “Il wishes good health to Castro”

Referring to Kim Jong Il of North Korea.

Back when Salman Rushdie was big news and had gone in to hiding, A South Island of New Zealand newspaper (I think it was the Otago Daily Times) ran a story about a fishing competition. The headline was,



Oh, come now. Copy editors live for this kind of fun!

I actually appreciate a good newspaper headline pun. Unfortunately, my paper of choice – the Chicago Sun Times – has a penchant of particularly forced puns, especially in the sports section.

I can’t find a cite for this but many years ago an unexploded bomb (or something similar) was discovered in sand at a coastal resort somewhere in the UK. The headline read:

Shell Found On Beach

Bike has had a couple of zingers over the years:

Over an article about a road-legal racing combo: Slung Low Street Chariot

And on a feature about Harley riders in Newcastle: Hog On The Tyne

A few years back, while visiting my grandparents, I noticed a headline in their local newspaper. It seems that the principal at Pulaski Middle School had done something wrong and, as a result, lost her job.
The headline:

PMS Principal Fired

I didn’t know you could be fired for that.

About ten years ago, my dad sent me a clipping from the local paper about a man who had hung himself in the woods. The final line of the article (paraphrased) “there was no telling how long he had been exposed to the elements, but the coroner estimated he had been at the end of his rope for about two weeks.”

Best ever, IMO

Scottish football team Inverness Caledonian Thistle beat Celtic 3 - 1, which was a huge upset. It spawned the headline

**“Super Cally go ballistic, Celtic are atrocious”. **


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