Most gold medals won in pajamas

Is it just me and my wife, or do all the US mogul skiiers look like they’re wearing kiddie pajamas? All the other countries managed to make theirs look like ski outfits or at least track suits. But with the sky blue and a zillion stars with the loose cut, it looks like all the US competitors rolled out of bed and jumped on the slope. This is especially true when they’re standing on the medal dais. We enjoy watching the games but this is driving my wife crazy. :dubious:

I totally thought they looked like PJs.

Hannah Kearney was adorable in her PJ uniform with her two stalks of hair sticking out of her helmet. :slight_smile:

This was exactly the observation my wife and I made. “Damn, those ski suits look like pajamas!!!”

Said the same thing to my wife! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not finding it by Googling. Got a link to this alleged PJ? :wink:

Here’s one.

ETA: Hot linked to first pic only. Click next.

This guy says snowboarders are not supposed to wear tight clothing

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Here is a picture of the PJ like outfit

Last Summer Olympics, I shot an elephant in my pajamas.

All the times I believed I’d won Olympic Gold medals I was wearing pajamas.

What on earth was an elephant doing in your pajamas?

Glad to see it’s not just me! I made the exact same observation to the spouse last night.

A quick Google image search suggests that she looks adorable regardless.

I have no idea. After I shot him, though, I tried to remove his tusks, but they wouldn’t budge.

Shoulda gone to Alabama.

i like the helmet hair. it is cute and whimsical. a bit pippi longstocking as well.

she looks quite different in her interviews sans helmet hair. she has take me serious hair then.

Did anyone see the USA snowboarder uniform today?

The uniform is designed to look like dirty, torn blue jeans.

For snowboarding, that actually seems kind of appropriate.