Most Haenous Rumour Ever Spread About You


I’m aching to know if I am the only person with a potentially “Diabolically Posessed” Mother.
(This could apply to SO’s, Siblings, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Children Or In Laws)

What is the most Haenous Rumour ever spread about you, that originated from a close family member? Or The Most Evil Insult They’ve Given You.*

Some guy claimed that I came on to him and started trying to grope him when I was drunk. That’s about the only false rumor that I know about, and most people who knew me blew it off, the guy who said that was a habitual liar who had problems with me calling him on his various stupid lies…

A jealous co-worker told everyone I was sleeping with a female co-worker. This rumor made its way to my boss, who didn’t believe it wasn’t true, and even my wife heard about it. It was pretty much considered fact at work.

Some jerk in high school spread a rumour that I was gay, and had jerked off a friend of mine. For money, even.

Patently untrue, and while I now realise that “accusing” someone of being gay is pretty lame (you either are, or you’re not, and it doesn’t matter which), it still was pretty traumatising for a 13 year old boy.

Well, it was once spread that I was a lesbian, but a: I didn’t care as I didn’t see it as much of an insult, and b: no-one believed it. So, um, not too exciting.

  • OhMyGod! Yeah … traumatizing i would imagine!

Let’s see… I should probably start sharing a few of mine now.

My mother once accused me (this was an actual story told to several family members)of stealing a Sword from an unknown party, and I apparently threatening to kill her all night long, thru her locked and barricaded door, And she sat so “Terrified For Her Life” That she had to be On the telephone, Long Distance, To Her Cousin In Another State, ALL Night Long - to feel safe.

Funny, if Someone were threatening to slice and dice me, like a cucumber salad, and i were terrified for my life, i think i would certainly not need too much sense to make the decision between dialing either an 11 digit long distance telephone number, and ***** 9 1 1 *****

Apparently how she escaped from her room, was never discussed. :rolleyes: Nor was the mysterious fact that I lived with my father (In another state) on the date that she claimed this happened.

chuckle head

I wish someone would spread that rumour about me - I think it would be hilarious. At least then I might get a proposition laff

Ok - maybe this will now turn into “Rumours you’d like to start about yourself”
I think that would have been a better thread anyway, heh.

The most heinous rumor ever spread about me was that I couldn’t spell. :slight_smile:

(BTW, I love that word. It always reminds me of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, which I loved!)

Zev Steinhardt

Chalk me up as someone else who was rumored to be a lesbian. I think I can even guess who started it. No one who mattered to me believed it, and it failed to shock and horrify me, so I guess it was a total flop as rumors go. This was back in high school, at a time and place when many kids couldn’t imagine a worse fate than Suspicion Of Gayness.

A co-worker at another job accused me of stealing $80 from her purse, not once but twice.
She said the first time she went to management, they told her to forget about it, the second time she tried to press charges, but there was “insufficient evidence”. Of course there was “insufficient evidence”, I didn’t do it, you [string of adjectival expletives deleted] jerk.

I quit there not too long after (had gotten a much better job). Evidently, there were other thefts after I left, so I feel somewhat vindicated.

Add another one to the list of being accused of being gay for almost my entire high school period. Unfortunately, no one believed it. If people had, I probably would have had a lot more sex during that time, since it was true afterall :smiley:

A compulsive liar ex-friend of mine told everybody that I mudered my best friend(he shot himself). It alternated between I shot him, to I modified the gun so that it accidentally went off(he left a note). It really sucked when I heard what he was saying(no one believed him).

In Grade 10, a girl who I used to be friends with spread rumours that I had slept with my boyfriend. [valleygirl] Like *Oh. My. God. *[/valleygirl] :rolleyes:

The annoying thing wasn’t the rumours, it was the fact that he knew quite a few people at my school, and so girls I had never even spoken to would come up to me and go “So, I heard you slept with Nick.”

As far as rumours go, that one’s pretty lame though.

I got the lesbian rumors too. I wouldn’t really call them heinous, but it probably goes without saying that it’s pretty awful for Suspicion of Gayness, as flodnak called it, to be flung around as if it’s an insult.

Interestingly enough, I was labelled gay because the popular crowd hated my best friend, and they decided that since we hung out all the time, we must be a couple. These same people routinely spread rumors about her sleeping with pretty much every guy in school. And no, they weren’t trying to imply that she was bi, they were just stupid.

Well, my freshman year at Georgetown, I was accused by a female Marine cadet of spitting on her while in uniform. She never actually confronted me, probably because she knew her lying ass would get called on it, but I caught a lot of shit from her friends and acquaintances for several weeks thereafter. Ah, college life! The good old days. :mad:

When I was in high school this dickhead in my gym class went and told the girl who lived across the street from me that I climbed the trees in her yard to watch her undress. Her big brother threatened to kick my ass. Her parents talked to my parents. My parents bitched at me. The girl and all her friends starting calling me pervert. Of course no one would believe me that it wasn’t true. That sucked.

I’ve never shared this publicly, partly because it was so traumatizing but mainly because it’s just so bizarre.

I dated a woman from late 1994 to early 1996, then we broke up. It was a long distance relationship by that time; she was on the west coast, I was in Atlanta. So I dusted myself off and tried to forget her.

A few months later I started getting these cryptic, accusatory emails from her, calling me, among other things, a “cyberpimp.”

I wrote back asking what the hell she was talking about, and her response was to the effect of “you know what I’m talking about, you creep,” which of course I didn’t.

But I kept pressing, via email, then finally called her on the phone and the truth emerged.

Apparently in recent months she’d gone out with a couple of different men who had much in common with her: TOO much, she decided.

She developed the notion that somehow I was meeting these men over the Internet, telling them all of her interests, likes and dislikes, then sending them to her to pretend to be compatible and ask her out.

When I quite reasonably asked why anyone would do such a thing, she had no answer, but she remained convinced.

And she told me how she got her “revenge.” She was/is a writer, and she wrote a story that cast me as a gay man dying of AIDS and presented the story at a public conference. Apparently she named me as the inspiration to this (no doubt puzzled) audience, in an attempt to humiliate me.

I’ve tried to apply a “no psychos” rule to my dating career since then.

My ex boyfriend goes around telling people I tried to stab him with a steak knife. Everyone belives him, so now all his friends think I’m a psycho bitch and harass me for it all the time… sigh…

I don’t know what the rumour is. That’s what’s so difficult. And because my life pretty much lacks rumour potential I’m given to believe “fake rumour mongering” is possibly a type of psychological game played by malicious people. I must be paranoid…if I lived in a huge city I would perhaps be amenable to that idea. But that’s not really the case. It’s not the case that I’ve had a job in a while either.

This thread was originally about rumours spread by parents. What about that as a method of child/teenager control?

Yeah I have had the various lesbian rumours spread about me too, the reason being that I was in Drama and “Everyone knows that all the girls in drama are gay”. That wasn’t so bad though becuase All I could think was, " Why is that an insult?"
However, this is not the most Heinous rumour about me. That falls to a tail of when I was about 17 years old and I went to PYM ( A yearly meeting of Quakers on the pacific coast). There was this particularily obnoxious 14 year old boy there that decided he had the hots for me. When I confronted him about this he denyed( I know that’s not spelled right) it. I then proceeded to shot him down becuase I knew he was lying. I felt really bad about that becuase I probably really hurt his feelings, but it was the last day and I didn’t see him again so I couldn’t appologize. I did write him and apology over e-mail though.The week after PYM the was a community service project trip to Mexico. I could not go, but this fourteen year old boy and many of my friends did.The day after they all got back from Mexico, I got about five e-mails asking if I had gone insane. I was totally cofused, and I, being a curious person, asked them what they were talking about. They told me that he had been telling people that we “were an item” and that we had "Done stuff " and that HE had broken up with ME becuase of the long distance!!!
I was so mad that I wrote a two page letter telling him what a creepy little worm he was(In case he didn’t already know). I never got an apology, so the next year at PYM I just ignored the little creep and I haven’t been back since( though not becuase of him) I still can’t believe that he did such a mean thing. I know I kind of desrved it, but I did send him an apology. Well I am going to go grumble about this injustice now.