Most Iconic Movie Posters

What do you consider the most iconic and instantly recognizable movie posters?

I need to do a campaign and am trying to be creative. Please help me, it’s been a long few weeks :slight_smile:

Star Wars


Yep, *Star Wars *was my first thought. My second was Gone With the Wind. Jaws and A Clockwork Orange are early ideas, too.


Heck, it was on Gord Downie’s t-shirt!


Here is the MASH poster

Star Wars, for certain, though there are several different versions, including:
The original Brothers Hildebrandt art
A revised version, in which Luke and Leia look more like Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher
Another well-known version
A few more suggestions:

The Silence of the Lambs
The Terminator

Star Wars and E.T. were the first to come to mind.

Going back a bit, the King Kong (1933) poster is pretty well known:

A few more:

The Usual Suspects
Pulp Fiction

I think the “Rocky” poster was quite recognizable back in the day.

Hamill really hit the gym, didn’t he?

Raiders of the Lost Ark

the Shining

Rosemary’s Baby

Gone with the Wind

Thinking about what I consider iconic movie posters, I realized that a couple of them were by the same artist, Saul Bass:

In addition to The Man with the Golden Arm and Anatomy of a Murder, he did the Shining and Vertigo as well.

Anatomy of a Murder

This one from Le Mans

And this one from Blazing Saddles

Lots of working out on the Soloflex. :wink:

Young Frankenstein

Great minds think alike! :smiley:

For E.T., I was thinking more of this one, the “ouch” one. That was certainly the first one I saw, back when the movie was new.

A couple I bet you can picture before you even click:
The Exorcist

And, of course, since this is the SDMB: Airplane!