Most Memorable Turkey Moments on TV

Entertainment Weekly had a article on this, where Ruth Kinane listed her four Most Memorable Turkey Moments .

What do you think was listed, SDMBers? And what 1000 pound mutant feral gorilla did she somehow skip?

As God as my witness, I thought Turkeys could fly.

At 3:56 in for the exact quote.

DrDeth, I think you forgot your link.

That is indeed the MOST Memorable Turkey Moment ever on TV. Somehow, Ruth didnt know about that.

How can you be a TV writer and not know that?

Now, some of her choice are good- West Wing, Friends, and maybe even Little House.

But somehow she thought New Girl More memorable than that. :roll_eyes: :woozy_face: :scream:

Maybe she’s in her 20s? But if she is over 40, no excuse at all.

And just to be completest, I did check if someone did try that in real life.

Turns out that yeah, turkeys can fly, but from ground to tree branch or from other trees. being dropped from high above usually ends badly for the birds.


Somehow that link goes to the wrong pic.

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Ruth is a correspondent who covers TV shows, music and movies. She will write you a drinking game for any show you want and will remain loyal to Britney Spears no matter how many fashion shows she posts on Instagram.

Okay, this is technically a movie moment, not a TV moment, but I can never resist a chance to plug my favorite B-Movie of all time, the master of cheese, Ice Pirates. Sorry for the abysmal Youtube video quality howerver.

WARNING - ever so slightly gross, but still PG so if you’re very sensitive, please don’t watch.

wasnt the wkrp thing a parody of a real radio station promotion that dropped frozen turkeys from a plane/copter?

Anybody know what the most Memorable Moon Landing on TV was? Or the most Memorable O.J. Simpson Low Speed Car Chase on TV?

The WKRP epi seems like it was before that, aired on 30 October 1978. But IMDB sez "This is based on a real event that occurred while series creator Hugh Wilson was working at radio station WQXI in Atlanta, Georgia."

Just as an interesting side note, that WQXI is still around. Albeit as a sports-talk station.

I do want to thank “everyone loves Raymond” for getting my health nut cousin in law out of the idea for a fake “turkey” for the Tday meal … shed been dropping hints about one until she saw that episode in reruns …

Ask me how I knew that you can’t drop turkeys from airplanes –

Nope. Back page of an aviation magazine in the late 70’s. So I guess they could have got it from the earlier radio station event.

– which is also how I learned that cats can survive jumping from airplanes without a parachute, but that monkeys can’t, even with a parachute (it climbed the shrouds).

As soon as I saw the article, I predicted that EW will receive many many letters complaining of their oversight.

Somehow I cannot find a link to the referred article anywhere.

It is in the newest EW. November with Jennifer Hudson on the cover.

The Bob Newhart Show Thanksgiving show where the guys ordered Chinese food (Moo goo guy pan) because they got drunk and forgot to thaw out the turkey should be on the list too.

Mr. Bean’s Christmas. One of his funnier episodes:

I figure that’s their plan. Throw some shit out there and let the readers argue with each other for a week. Just like any “Top 100” list. No one even bothers to compile a proper list anymore.