Most obvious/straightforward rock band name that does not have a notable representative.

I was looking up whether there was a rock band named The Sandals (there was) when it hit me to ask: which rock band name is the most obvious, which rock band name would you think of really easily, that does not have a notable band to represent it? Here I’m thinking, say, of a band that has a Wikipedia page.

Can you reframe the OP differently? I will play along but I am not sure that I follow you.

Suppose I were to just cook up a band name off the top of my head. The form “the X” comes to mind. And the most obvious Xs are things everybody knows. So, for example, The Beaches, The Bangs, The Hot Rods, etc, are all obvious ideas.

What I’m asking is, are there really obvious band names that aren’t taken? Like, are there names like “The Moustaches” that have never been the names of notable bands?

Are you off your meds or something?


Well, the most common word is “the”. But there’s already a band called The The.

So the next most common words are “be”, “to” and “of”. I’m not aware of any bands called “The Be’s”, “The To’s” or “The Ofs”. That’s your answer, I guess.

The Nouns.

I thought the OP’s question was very clearly stated and a perfectly interesting question. Some rock band names seem so obvious that it seems inevitable SOMEONE would have taken them sooner or later: The Rolling Stones, The Animals, The Police, The Government, etc. Some names aren’t so obvious but they’re not THAT original because they’re expressions you’ve heard elsewhere and maybe someone else would have come up with it - The Tragically Hip, Public Enemy, etc. Some names, however, might never have been used by any band ever if the people who came up with it that one time hadn’t formed a band - Toad the Wet Sprocket, UB40, Panic At The Disco!, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The question is, what really obvious band name HASN’T been taken?

This is a hard question to answer because there’s a zillion rock bands that never made the big time so we don’t know for sure what names have been taken. One name I came up with in high school that I’ve never heard of being used was “The Children.” I’ve always been surprised no band took that name.

I’d suspect, though, that the most obvious band name not yet taken would be an animal. We have lots of animal names, like The Eagles, Gorillaz, The Byrds (you have to roll with the spelling) The Black Crowes, Great White, the Scorpions, Modest Mouse, heck, even The Animals. I Googled for “The Tigers” and sure enough, there’s a band called that. I Googled Lion; sure enough. But I bet there’s some animal nobody’s taken yet. The Leopards? Nope, got Def Leppard. Surely some animal isn’t taken yet?

I thought it was an interesting and well stated question, too. It reminds me of that Futurama episode where the only reason they call their snack Popplers is because other than Tasticles it’s the only name not taken.

Never heard of

the Why
the When
the What
the Where

Guess I am just an epic loser… jeez.


There was an article in the NY Times just a couple of weeks ago about this. Bands are having a lot of trouble coming up with names because all of the basic words are in use (they had some example of a band that came up with a great original name, googled it and found six other bands using it already).

It reminded me of the SNL ad parody for a big law firm…“By the time we got a web site, all of the good domain names were taken, so you can find our firm at”.

The People
The Dudes
The Humanoids

Note: “Willie and the Poor Boys” and “Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions” are, in fact, taken.

According to, there are twelve entries for bands with the name of Children or The Children. Some of these may be duplicates, but Bruce Cockburn used to belong to a band called the Children, which appears to be different form this San Antonion outfit called the Children (at around the same time.)

All three exist (several examples of the first, there’s a current band with the second, and there’s a calypso band called “Humanoids” with the “the.”)

Now, sure, I guess these bands won’t exactly pass for “notable.”

The Computers- TAKEN

The Assholes- TAKEN

Tokyo Sex Whale- TAKEN (not obvious, just one I ran across while Googling)

The Fuck You- Doesn’t seem to have been taken, but Lily Allen has a song with the same name (minus the “the”)

The Band- TAKEN (duh)

Band Name- Doesn’t seem to have been taken

What’s Up- TAKEN

Taken- TAKEN

The Tight Bros from Way Back When- TAKEN

The Asshats- Taken.

The Fucktards- Taken.

The teeming millions- Good to go!

The Tardigrades ( Tardigrade - Wikipedia )

Hey, Tardigrades are also known as water bears or moss piglets!
So I’ll add
The Water Bears
The Moss Piglets

Looking around my desk:

The Felt-Tip Pens–Never heard of 'em.

The Raisins–I hope it’s not taken. That would be an awful band name.

The Coasters–Hey! TAKEN!

The Telephones–Surprised if it wasn’t taken

The Crumbs–There’s gotta be a band called The Crumbs! That would be an excellent band name. (Well, except for the fact that they’d automatically lose any battle of the bands where they were up against The Vacuums.)

Because I find the question you are asking to be ridiculous. Open a dictionary. Poke your finger at a word. Add “the” in front of it. There’s a band name.

Oh look, there’s never been a big rock band named The --------; wow. :rolleyes:

There’s how many tens of thousands of words in the English language? And there’s been how many “notable” rock bands? A couple hundred?

Do you really just want a freaking laundry list of words with “the” in front of them posted here? Is that what you’re curious about?

The Aardvark
The Aback
The Abacus
The Abaft
The Abalone
The Abandon
The Abandoned
The Abase
The Abash
The Abate
The Abatement
The Abbè
The Abbess
The Abbey
The Abbot
The Abbreviate
The Abbreviation
The Abdicate
The Abdomen
The Abduct

That’s just the first page of my pocket dictionary. Odds are good (like, really fucking good) that none of those has been used by a “notable” rock band, because we only have had a couple, maybe a few, hundred “notable” bands in the 50 or 60 years of rock and roll history.