Most oppressed people in the world?

Who are the people most in need of liberation in the world? Will the US liberate them (as our new policy seems to be)?

Probably North Korea.

And there is a chance it will happen.

The US doesn’t act ONLY in humanitarian interest, but there is always a humanitarian aspect to it. But there also has to be some national security rationale for it as well. The only exception I can think of is Somalia, and in hindsight even that would have served a valuable national security interest if it had succeeded.

Actually, if you ask any liberal, the USA is the most oppressive country in the world.

What about them muties? They keep whining about how badly oppressed they are.

**Actually, if you ask any liberal, the USA is the most oppressive country in the world.


That would be a leftist. Liberals don’t consider the US to be the enemy because their agenda is liberal democracy. Leftists have an entirely different agenda and there is no greater impediment to it than liberal democracy.

How to spot a leftist? THere are some liberals and conservatives alike who have legitimate criticism of US and Israeli policies. Leftists go a bit further. They oppose Taiwan, hate the Cuban exile community, love Hugo Chavez and applaud him in his efforts to stop the recall vote, and don’t want to talk about the Iranian dissidents.

hhmm… do people in North Korea even know they are oppressed ? Totalitarian states tend to indoctrinate a lot.

Should we consider economic oppression ? Only state oppression ? I would say the palestinians would be on the top 3 list for sure… economic, political and military oppression.

Gays in the bible belt ?

Well, North Koreans are constantly trying to escape, so I would say they know they are oppressed.

The Palestinians rank pretty far down the list. They probably the least oppressed of their fellow Arabs. If they knew that, they might not be so quick to want independence from Israel under the ironfisted rule of Arafat.

Poor palestinians… they are happy and dont know it ?

I wouldn’t go that far.

But it’s easy to make a case that Palestinians are less opressed under Israeli rule than Iraqis under Hussein, the Saudis under the Saud family, or Libyans under Qaddafi. Just read the comparative Amnesty International reports.

I would say people convicted of felonies or worse who didn’t commit the crime they were convicted of. The US justice department can really drag those individuals to the edge.
I have a family member who lives with a felony conviction. It has destroyed his life and is still destroying his life…

“hhmm… do people in North Korea even know they are oppressed ?”
I suspect that even the North Korean propoganda machine can’t cover up the mass-starvation that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people in the country. So North Korea is probably the correct answer to the OP though Congo probably is up there in terms of the sheer scale of suffering.

True, but Congo isn’t really ruled by a powerful central government the way North Korea is. It’s more anarchic. In North Korea’s case you can probably destroy the regime and then reintegrate it with the South relatively quickly. Congo is a mess, it would take hundreds of thousands of troops and massive money to even begin to make sense of the thing.


They are universally disenfranchised and have no say in their government. They can legally be over-ridden in their decisions about such fundamental things as their own health. In many places where abortion is perfectly legal, a youth can be forced to carry an unwanted child to term- a decision with lifelong consequences. They cannot enter into contracts, be outside after nine at night (or whenever curfew is) or even legally enjoy something as fundamental as sex with another person.

I’m pretty serious here. While I don’t think children should have the same rights as adults, you have to admit they (especially teenagers) get pretty shafted. Added to that is a culture that treats them as a mix of a pet and a criminal, and you have one pretty opressed group.

My vote goes for whomever is currently a sheep-herder in some wayward section of Israel/Palestine. That poor bastard likely doesn’t know it, but he’s the product of near-constant occupation or tributary relationship from going back to at least 61 B.C.

Someone actually came up with the bright idea to put two historically occupied and/or oppressed peoples right there next to one another, in the strategic back of the kneecap of the Mediterranean Sea.

Whoever first championed that idea should probably be noted as very unwise, since that small region has historically encouraged a victor’s occupation of whomever managed to occupy and opress the people who preceded them.

If you are talking oppression caused by their own govt: I would say North Koreans with Zimbabweans in second place.

If you are talking about the thugs and profiteers [ie lawless chaos with little effective spokesperson/force to protect you and yours: I would say the Congolese with Liberians in second place.

If you are talking about occupied territories: Iraqis, Palestinians, Chechnians

Gotta throw Cuba, Libya, China and Saudi Arabia in there for governments.

As for occupied territories, there is always going to be dispute as to what constitutes “occupied”. There is no doubt Iraq is occupied, although that’s a temporary situation, not a conquest. Palestine is sort of occupied, it’s obvious it shouldn’t be controlled by Israel, but then who should control it? That’s up for questioning.

I’ve never heard Chechnya called “occupied” before. When was Chechnya ever independent? I guess it’s more accrurately a rebellion, kind of like Eritrea/Ethiopia. Talk about your bad situations, that one had to be one of the worst.

I think that Sudanese Christians are probably up there somewhere. The situation is pretty darned bad.

Don’t forget the Burmese. The Chechnyans got royally fucked. And as adaher says, the Saudis, especially the women. Though I would dispute the Chinese being on the list. The government is a bitch if you cross it, and there’s a lot of repression and state-sponsored going on, but it’s nowhere near as bad as a lot of other dictatorships.

What is your timeframe for quick? If it is to be anything like the German experience, and I suspect it will be worse, it will drain the South’s economy and have social repercussions for decades at the most optimistic.

Anyway, I’d like to offer up Aceh and West Papua. Their people are subject to the usual TNI and police atrocities but they have the additional slap in the face of hosting American companies like Freeport and Exxon. So when the Indonesian government call GAM and OPM terrorists, obfuscation and whitewashing from Western governments give such claims the appearance of credibility.