Most Physically Attractive Candidates in Mid-Terms

I know I am a little late, but better late than never.

We all know those intellectual types that vote on things like “the issues” or whether or not the candidate is evil or not, but around here on the SDMB, I know we vote on important things like how much we want to see their face on the 10 o’clock news.

So, what is your pick for the most attractive candidate in the mid-term elections?

Bonus points if they won.

Wendy Davis is quite attractive. I thought Joni Ernst is, too. But after hearing her acceptance speech, I’ll be muting the TV whenever she’s on. Her laugh to me is like nails on a blackboard. I’m hoping it had something to do with the PA system, but God, it was awful. She also comes off a little more manly than I was have thought having just seen pictures of her.

We voted in the totally scary Rick Scott, when we could have at least had the guy with shiny white hair. It makes no sense.

Elise Stefanik isn’t bad looking.

True. I haven’t seen her on video but she looks very much like Catherine Deneuve when she was in her late 40’s.

Mary Carey.

Oh you meant this mid terms. Never mind.

Daniel Flores, who ran for a position as California Superior Court Judge, was my pick for best looking candidate.

And bonus points too, since he won.

Fresno mayor and California Controller candidate Ashley Swearengin used to have the cute soccer mom Debbie Harry MILF thing goin’ on. But for this election she decided to go bleach blonde news anchor. She lost.

I feel like this thread is a trap.

None of them are women I would screw unless Ashley Judd counts.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin see’s Iowa’s newly elected Senator Joni Ernst as physically attractive:

Morgan Baskin.
Toronto mayoral race, and she lost, but still.

We have a winner. You can now close the thread.

Though, given her age relative to mine, it feels a bit creepy.

No mention of 18-year old Saira Blairwho won her race in West Virginia?

Socialist Jess Spearran against the speaker of the Washington State house and got crushed.