Most attractive Senator or member of Congress

I’m not sure if this has been done before. I couldn’t find anything when I did a search, so either it hasn’t, or I’m a poor searcher.

I nominate one of my state’s U.S. Senators, Mary Landrieu (D, LA). Yum. I’m trying to forget the fact that she’s the same age as my mother-in-law, but it’s not too hard because Mary really doesn’t look like she’s 47.

Not a member of congress, yet, but a babe nonetheless:

Jennifer Granholm

I opened this thread to declare that Mary Landrieu is a babe, but I see that the thread was started for her, which is no surprise. Good call, neutron star.

Hmm… I’d say Barbara Mikulski is the second most attractive woman in the Senate.

(All the others are tied for first.)

Now that Strom Thurmond has left, the “most attractive senator” question is finally open for debate again. Say what you want about his politics, that old bastard was fine!

Here are a few lesser known, but very sexy congresspeople:

Henry Waxman;
Jerrold Nadler;
Peter Defazio;
Adam Smith;

These guys would never have been beat up in high school…

Can I put Canadian MPs? If so, Svendie or Réal Ménard.

I guess those two are attractive for a couple of helmet heads. why do profesisonal type women always have to get that helmet hairstyle? And on a slightly unrelated note,whats up with those FoxNews ladies? Those ladies look slightly better than Tammy Faye Baker, but only slightly. Look like they have the same wardrobe designer.

I’ve always partial to Loretta Sanchez

Pauline Hanson.
(heh heh…)

Ive always sort of had a Hillary Clinton fetish…

My state fields one nice looking guy, Sen. Evan Bayh, and one awful looking gal. I rarely use the word ugly, but Rep. Julia Carson qualifies. I respect Julia greatly, but golly…

The second head disqualifies him, I think.

Hillary. Hillary all the way. I like Mary Landrieu too, but Hillary is the queen of my heart.

You know, for a woman of her age, Nancy Pelosi has kept her looks remarkably well. Vecchia ma ancora buona!

Another lady who’s up in years but is still a looker (from the other side of the aisle): Olympia Snowe.

Rep. Mary Bono…HELLO LADY!

All Senators are members of Congress. Sorry, I had to point out your mistake.

There was some female Libertarian candidate who was absolutely stunning. Wish I could recall her name…maybe I’ll find a bookmark later, perchance.

Not a current member of Congress, but he used to be. People Magazine listed Donald Rumsfeld as its “sexiest politician”. Yeah…rowr.

Rep. Paul Ryan has to be the darn cutest man in the House.

Ah, found her. Stephanie Sailor. Not sure about stunning, but she’s attractive.

Some photos.