Most posts at one time?

Answering a question here I noticed many posts at nearly the same time. (The hamsters must of really been panting!) But two of them had the same time.

What would the record be for number of posts with the same date/time stamp?

How would I find that information? If possible?

I doubt you will be able to find it, but you should look(and post) in the About The Message Board forum.

In that stupid sequential letters thread in MPSIMS I think there have been up to 5 within a minute of each other. Maybe more, who could be bothered reading the timestamp of 3500+ posts?

Yes, I think it’s stupid.

Yes, I am aware that I have 42 posts in there.

I think it’s an excellent question well worth knowing.

I’m thinking that you should go through all 3,000,000 posts and find out.

Report back to us when you’re done.

Questions about this message board go in About This Message Board. I could move this one over there but I won’t. Start a new thread in the right forum if you really want to.

moderator GQ

** Mahaloth** is right that this is more of a question About This Message Board. However, we frown on cross-posting. You should let a moderator move the thread for you.

Off to ATMB.

DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

See, it’s things like this that make me wonder why some people persist in believing I’m the good one. :wink: Since the good doctor has done all the heavy lifting, I’ll go ahead and unlock it so his work will not have been in vain.

Wow! That was the first simul-lock & move + unlock! Yet more SDMB history just made!! :cool:

Not only that, but it happened in a thread about simultanious posts. The irony astounds!


I did post 4 in a row with the same tie stamp due to a hamster freak out in ladydisco’s thread about Heaated tampons. I know… why was I posting there… I wish I knew…

I believe I once saw a quintuple simulpost, but I’d never find it as I can’t remeber what it was about.

Try the 9/11 thread.

Naw, I participated in one of those before. Although there might be a first here, anyway: Usually, that sort of thing is settled by seniority of the mods in question, but bibliophage and DrMatrix were modded at the same time (more spooky coinkidink!). So now we’ve set precedence for the pecking order :D.