Most punchable face in sports

With Johnny Manziel in the news of late, it got me realizing that this guy’s face is really punchable. I mean, seriously punchable. It’s just asking to get punched on most days.

So that got me thinking about other athletes (pro, or at least college, not your rec hoops league) who just make you want to punch them.

Despite being a huge fan of the Detroit Pistons’ Bad Boys, I’ll admit I can see how Bill Laimbeer might have a face that could be described as “punchable.” And this comes from somebody who loved Laimbeer.

Finally, I don’t think any discussion of punchable faces is complete without AJ Pierzynski.

So sports fans, whose face makes your fist twitchy?

John Rocker

Ricky Ponting.

I’d go with Geno Smith over Manziel. Apparently others have felt the same way. Curt Schilling is a top seed for sure. Also Gronk, his face is like distilled fratbro. Phil Hellmuth if you consider poker a sport. (I don’t think I do.) Ooo! RG3. It has to be RG3. RG3 gets my vote!

Surely to God the automatic answer, at least amongst currently active athletes, is Alex Rodriguez.

There are people in my area of the country that consider the name Christian Laettner to be verboten.

I’ll second Arod and AJ (god, I’ve ALWAYS hated AJ, and I can watch this on a continuous loop).

History suggests it would be Rudy Tomjanovich.

Ronaldo or Rooney

Robin Ventura!

Jim Nantz. Yes, I know he’s not an athlete. But I sooooooo want to punch that smug smarmy face.

If we’re going to announcers then no face is a bigger knuckle magnet than Joe Buck.

WWE’s The Miz. But then that’s his whole gimmick.

Pacman Jones. There’s just something about his face that makes me want to slap it right off his skull.

Skip Bayless

Claude Lemieux usually looks like he’s hungry for a knuckle sandwich.

I still laugh until I cry when I watch him vs Nolan Ryan

John fucking Elway (says the 80s Browns fan)

And, as a Cub fan, I second Joe Buck, and have to include Hawk Harrelson.

Joe Buck

Matthew Barnaby

Larry Bird

Tim Lincecum

and while I love him as a color commentator, Chris Collinsworth has one of the most smug, punchable faces of all time

Jay Cutler