Most Recently Seen Bad Movies - Warn Others

I’m not referring to seeing bad movies on purpose, a la MST3K style. More like seeing by accident (misleading review or preview; went along with friend or significant other; nothing else at video store; etc).
My last 2 losers: The Hulk - rented. Thought it would be tolerable. It wasn’t
Princess diaries 2 - Went with my preteen daughter to the theatre to see it. The only good thing about it was spending time with her. It really is as awful as Ebert said it was, and I don’t always agree with him.

Can I unwarn people about the Hulk? I quite enjoyed it after the first hour. You can always fast forward.

Also, I wouldn’t bother with “Starsky and Hutch”. And “Spiderman 2” goes on a bit, and you’re like “yes, I get it”, but it keeps going.

The worst movies I’ve seen in the theater this year (and ones I hope to never be subjected to again):

Shrek 2
Home on the Range
The Terminal
The Village

(Please note I intentionally avoid movies I’m certain I won’t like; hence, no Catwoman, Van Helsing, White Chicks, Garfield, Scooby-Doo 2, Raising Helen, I Robot, Along Came Polly, AvP, etc.)

Unlike ArchiveGuy, I wasn’t smart enough to avoid I Robot. How unfortunate for me! I also wouldn’t recommend The Bourne Supremacy to anyone.

On the other hand, I LOVED Starsky and Hutch!

Another vote for The Village. Avoid at all costs. The Bourne Supremacy is pretty poor as well.

And The Perfect Score (we rented it a few weeks back), but you already knew that.

I agree about Starsky and Hutch…I didn’t laugh once. And I like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and Todd Phillips.

I rather liked The Village, but I intentionally stayed away from all reviews.

But I would say that no matter what you do…stay away from 50 First Dates. So stupid and unfunny. And this is coming from a guy that counts Billy Madison as one of his favorite movies of all time.

My Boss’s Daughter. When you see it on the shelf, run, don’t walk!

I recently rented and watched Shade because I like the cast and I like con movies. I hadn’t ever heard of the movie before I saw it in the video store, but it was a new release and they had a whole section filled with copies of it and a big poster and it looked like it might be a quality product.

It wasn’t.

I really liked Shrek 2. Starsky and Hutch was ok, but rather strange. Not sure I would have called it bad.

Spiderman 2 though. that was awful. I was heavily unimpressed.

The Village. Take your $7 or whatever a movie ticket costs, roll it up and smoke it instead. You’ll be more entertained.

I beg of you. No matter how many times your friend may tell you “It’s funny! Just give it a chance!” Do not see White Chicks.

If someone offers you $100 to see Thunderbirds, think very carefully before accepting. Therapy can be expensive.

Hidalgo. Worst movie I’ve seen all year, it isn’t even close. I didn’t like anything about it. Nothing.

*Hulk *was a very good movie; the most frequent complaint I’ve heard was that it spent too much time on characters and not enough on action. Spells a winner to me; YMMV.

The Village is awful, but so laughably bad that it’s almost worth sitting through to see how bankrupt Shyamalan is artistically.

I like to go to The Movie Spoiler, so I don’t have to watch crappy movies, but when I at least want proof that they are, indeed, crappy.

So far, NOBODY has been brave enough to watch this movie and submit a spoiler! Hell, even Soul Plane got spoiled!

13 Going on 30
Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle

My SO and I recently rented Hush, which stars Jessica Lange and Gwenyth Paltrow. It was hideous. It was like … okay, imagine a Lifetime Original Movie which Tori Spelling turned down because it was too damn stupid. And yet, for some reason, we kept watching until the end.


The Bourne Supremecy. That was unbelievably bad. Not only a bad movie, but irritating and eye straining shooting techniques were used. Very jerky and disorienting.

Very, very bad movie, and I’m usually tolerate even so-so movies fairly well. At least we were alone in the theatre and had fun MSTK3ing it. :smiley:

Thank you for giving me a forum to say
**do not go see ** Collateral
I didn’t know anything about it ( I haven’t even been in the country). My friend wanted ot see it. He APOLOGIZED coming out of the theatre for making me see it with him. I then come home and find it’s getting all these great reviews. I have NO IDEA why.

Ebert, who I don’t necessarly agree with, but usually respect, gave it 3.5 stars…why??? His review reads like he never saw a movie before. Or, maybe he’s seen to many.

It’s a collection of stupid trendy film ideas…one of which is the existentialist/ philosopher /killer, which Ebert seems to be particulrly smitten with but which IS a cliche and is done particularly badly in this case. That and some vaguely impressive film techniques and beyond that, nothing but plot holes you can drive something even bigger than that cab through.

What crap! Don’t believe the reviews, I don’t know what they’re smoking.

…but I really didn’t see what was so great about Napoleon Dynamite.

I thought it was boring.

Some things were ok about it, but, overall…not so good.

Destined to be a cult classic, though…