Most "Texas" of Texas Cities


t-keela, I know of a “Marcus” formerly of the now-defunct Far-Flung. (He’s one of those guys who’s friends with all of my friends, but I haven’t actually met him.) That Marcus works for Big Bend National Park.

And: nice reference to Alpine and ol’ Sully. I’m a 10-year resident of the 'Pine (recently transplanted to the most opposite place on the planet) as well as a double alumnus (BA, MS) and former faculty at Sul Ross!

…which is partially why Alpine led my list of most “Texas” of Texas cities…

As for Crawford, it–along with Abbott, home of Willie–is part of the greater Waco area, which justifies it’s high spot on the list.

I would also like to again emphasize the oft-forgotten city of Midland, Texas: “Hometown” to two very opposite Texans: President Bush AND Woody Harrelson!

Now, would I kid you? Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach Texas.
Ok, let’s call it a town, not a city. From Texas Escapes:

But really, plug Luckenbach, Texas into MapQuest.


Weesatche! My grandfather-in-law lives there. I didn’t think anyone that didn’t live there actually knew the town existed. (Are you related to my husband?! :smiley: )

I know it’s not really a city, but I can’t help but giggle when I drive through

Ding Dong

Another town that can’t keep its signs. :smiley:

There’s a certain sound that real Texan place names have. I can’t quite explain it. Consider the imaginary city of Arlen, Texas, where King of the Hill takes place. “Arlen” just has a certain Texan sound. “Arlen, North Carolina” or “Arlen, Michigan” don’t sound right.

Following are some random names off the top of my head that may or may not be cities or towns in Texas, but they certainly sound like they could be in Texas, and only Texas, to my ears.

Lock n’ Load

You could imagine some cowboy saying to you, without moving their mouth, “I live on FM 2543 in Borine.” You don’t imagine them saying “I live off of Northland Drive in Lakewood Heights.”

Lock n’ Load, Texas? Definitely. Lock 'n Load, Ohio? Nope.

Cut 'n Shoot—where else could it be located?

I’ll second Muleshoe.

try Bandera,

or better yet… Helotes,
at Floore’s Store (bar/grill) they still had an old poster/marquee out front, (last time I was there) it said “Willie Nelson here every saturday night”
also, last time I was there 'Ol Waylon just showed up!
(had a hell of a party)

Pantellerite I haven’t seen Marcus in several years, he had a ranch in Terlingua and was doing guided trips and river rides on the Rio Grande. But, I think that ended when a bunch of college kids got shot up by some Mexican bandits years ago.

He introduced me to an old Mexican man in Boquillas many years ago. Actually, it was several miles past Boquillas, way up in the Sierra Carmens. The old man had an adobe w/ probably 15 kids and his 3rd wife. (He’d outlived the first two.) Anyway, this old man had some HOMEMADE agave tequila.
(Damn, I been hooked ever since!)

Alpine is a beautiful place,(and the folks are nice too) especially when you’re looking at it from afar it just kinda “glows”. Must be something about all that white adobe, against the green trees and grass w/ the mountains in the background. I was there one spring (I’ll never forget) it was freezing that morning, it had hailed that night and the ground was several inches deep in ice. But, by ten that morning it was already 90 degrees.
I almost moved there permanent once, but all my folks are in East Texas so I talked myself out of it.

So, am I making you homesick yet?

try…Presidio, “hottest town in Texas”

Everyone needs to go to Marfa, and check out the ghost lights.

(there’s also an Elmwood down the road from me)

  • But, PECOS is absolutely Texas!
    Peace t-keela

i worked a land job just outside weesatche for conoco (oil field trash) and i still carry a photo of the post office (a tool shed with a wheelchair ramp, it is a federal building so it has to be handicapped equipped), i still say the ramp cost more than the post office, i loved to eat at the weesatche cafe (for the feel, not the food), i stayed at a motel in goliad.
on a side note if you go to the coleto creek resevoir, when you turn off the main road the driveway (for lack of a better term) turns right, if you go straight (it turns into a dirt road) at the end of the road is a very!! good cajun restaraunt (sp?)


Bandera and Pecos deserve to be on any list. Presidio (“La Perla del Desierto”), however, is more like the most “Mexico” of Texas Cities–a small (pop. ~2000) suburb of Ojinaga (pop. ~30,000), Chih.

And, t-keela, I’ll betch five bucks that what he was brewing was Sotol, brewed from the eponymous plant, which is an agave–just not a Tequila agave. Look about half way down this page for it.

I’ve got a five-acre “ranch” in Terlingua, too!

And one more city for the list:

Carl’s Corner.

Maybe so, w/ regards to the tkeela, I prefer Gold Cuervo Especial. But, that’s where I got started.

and Presidio IS w/out a doubt more like Mexico than Texas, I just threw it in there for the hell of it. The trip to Presidio along the river though is impressive.

W/ regards to Willie, seen him several times, met him, shook his hand, bought him a few shots of Cuervo on more than one occasion. I was in Huntsville while back at the fairgrounds, he played, afterwards we sat around the bandstand BYOB concert. Everyone thought he’d left, hell it’d been an hour since the concert ended. He came out and visited awhile…good time.

He and Waylon did the Black Eyed Pea festival in Athens years ago. Several there shared Jack&Jane w/ the two Outlaws.

He had a ranch/golf course not ten miles from here years ago. I think IRS got it.

****Sorry to get so far astray from the OP

How 'bout Fort Worth…

That says Texas everywhere and it’s a city.

Nah. Fort Worth’s a total poseur. The best they can do is: “We’re Not Dallas!”

Regarding, Tequila, t-keela, keep your eyes out for Cazadores Reposado. I used to see it only in Mexico (for a mere $7/bottle), but in the past few years it’s become more common in the USA. Heck, I can even buy it at the local ABC store here in NC–for about $40/bottle!

I don’t remember trying C/R, I’ve tried a bunch of them though. So far, good old Cuevo Gold has the taste for me. Although, there are plenty of “better” ones available. Thanks for the drink link, I’m gonna go back to that one.

I polished off a liter yesterday, out visiting friends in Trinity (lived there once too) and Elkhart. Oh, Woody Harrelson’s got folks there…(Trinity/Lovelady) His uncle killed a judge and wound up in prison.

There’s three candidates: Trinity, Lovelady, Elkhart
No, I suppose they could be anywhere.

How 'bout Reklaw…supposedly there was already a Walker, Tx. so the founder just reversed the spelling of his name and well, you got it …Reklaw

Margaritaville, is that in Texas?

Well, there are always:






but I’m also partial to:

Muleshoe - (which has been mentioned before)


Turkey - Bob Wills (of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys) used to claim at times that this was his hometown. It is little more than a wide spot in the road but the annual homecoming of the Texas Playboys is great fun.

Dumas - (home of the Ding-Dong Daddies of Dumas - the old song from the '30s or '40s) pronounced “Do-mus” but so tempting to pronounce it “Dumb ass”).

Plainview (about the plainest view you can find, too)

Oh, yes. Good old Helotes.

And there is an Abilene, Kansas, so Abilene’s out because the two get confused.

And calling it “San Antone” will net you either a blank stare or a hostile look.

My vote’s for Bugtussle.


Another worth nominee:Notrees, Texas.

It is indeed a real town in Texas. I’ve been through it. It’s somewhere between College Station and Austin near Hwy 21, which also passes through the towns of Dime Box and Old Dime Box!

elmwood also randomly named a Texas County–Culberson. There is no “Culberson” in Culberson Co. There is a Van Horn (county seat) and Lobo (the only other “town”–and is currently for sale), however.

Wow … I actually got two real place names!

Lemme’ try another random batch of Texas-sounding names …

Agua Muerto
Thirty Aught Six
Caliente Tanks
Hawk N’ Spit
Drip Gap

I’ve always been fascinated with what makes a place names sound unique to a region. It’s easy to take Buffalo suburb names, for instance …


… and make them sound like they’re in Ohio …

Amherst Heights
Lockport Heights
Clarence Heights
Depew Heights
Hamburg Heights
Lancaster Heights

… or Virginia …

Amherst’s Ferrry
Lockport’s Ferry
Clarence’s Ferry
Depew’s Ferry
Hamburg’s Ferry
Lancaster’s Ferry

… or Florida …

Amherst Palms
Lockport Palms
Clarence Palms
Depew Palms
Hamburg Palms
Lancaster Palms

… or Massachusetts …


Texas, though, is another story. Aside from the “arrrr” sound that seems distinctly Texan, I don’t quite know what it is that makes a Texas place name sound Texan. Why does “Clint” seem so perfect as the name of a community outside of El Paso, but seem so out-of-place if it was the name of a DC suburb? Why “Plano, Texas” but not “Plano, Kansas?” Where’s “Cut n’ Shoot, New Hampshire?”

I guess that means that President Bush isn’t an asshole. :rolleyes: