Most unusual place you've had sex.

Nope. Not the butt, Bob! :slight_smile:
Me? Boardroom. Downtown DC in direct line of sight of the White House. She was a gov’t employee and I was a consultant. It was great and we risked it a few times. Second only to the risk of getting caught was the distant ring of poetic justice.

Woman’s restroom, 2nd floor, downtown Seattle Nordstrom.

Up against the statue of Queen Victoria in Albert Park.

Resort swimming pool, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. With another couple going at it in the same pool.

Pike Place Parking Garage, Level 3, Seattle, Washington. On the hood of a rented car. During business hours (we moved to the back seat after awhile.) :smiley:

Battery Spencer, an old WWII Bunker overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in the Marin Headlands State Park.

In the chair of the Alma Mater Statue on the University of Illinois Quad.

In a man.

What? I was young and experimenting… numerous times.

South Bank lookout next to Victoria Bridge. Brisbane.
We almost got caught by police…we moved to the next seat over less light :smiley:

[quagmire]Ohhh… yeah.[/quagmire]

Mine was in line for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. I was wearing a bathrobe, he was wearing only a towel.

I had used my good looks to my advantage.

The roof of the apartment building I used to live in, in Toronto. A building that was surrounded by bigger buildings - with lots of windows facing our way.

In a Catholic Church. (I am SO going to hell for that one.)

After that, the flies of my college theater. Sex 70 feet up in the air on a 12-inch wide walkway is pretty damn exhilaratin’.

On top of a landfill, and I know I’ve said too much already.
What?? It was a closed and capped landfill.

Umm… in a bedroom. Or a hotel room. Which is more unusual?

Oh, thank god.

I thought I’d be the first completely vanilla poster to reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

I sucked dick in a kitchen once. But it was my kitchen not, like, a restaurant kitchen or anything…


In a cemetary. In a McDonalds bathroom. In a packed movie theater. In a random person’s backyard in Cambridge. In his girlfriend’s bedroom.

Sluuty? Me? Never!

Actual penile-vaginal sex? Umm…well, we attempted the shower once, but that’s pretty awkward, so bedroom. But it was my sister’s old bedroom at my parent’s house.

As for just sex “stuff”, a couple times in two different living rooms surronded by other people (I was pleasuring her…actually a little tricky, cause she is normally a very loud individual in bed.)

On top of a landfill
All covered in cheese…

In the restroom at a bar. Where I was employed at the time.

In the tunnel at the Tunnel (if any New Yorkers remember that one).

On the roof of my building (several times).

In somebody else’s vestibule (well, not sex, but pretty close. Hey, what New Yorker hasn’t, those walks from bar back to his place can get pretty long :D)

In an abandon high school, on a trampoline.

At the Savoy in London (not really unusual, just wanted to put it is as contrast to my more sordid adventures.)

The log ride at Disneyland…“Song of the South”…the one with the rabbits and wolf and other critters hopping around with the huge drop near the end (with a flash pic at the top!). Didn’t have enough time to finish the deed.