Mostly Irish (Gaelic) language Channel

I only just discovered you can watch TG4, the mainly Irish language channel online. Unlike alot of channels this isn’t just locked into this region. Anyway, here it is:

Most of the shows in Irish are subtitled in English.

that’s pretty cool. there was a soap opera kind of thing that was in irish that i stumbled across every now and again. i enjoyed listening in.

That would be “Ros na Rún”.

They do a good job of showing US dramas ahead of E4 too, The Sopranos finished there first, as did the most recent season of Nip/Tuck. The Wire season 4 is being broadcast and AFAIK season 5 will run on straight after.

The documentaries on life in Ireland are a heck of a lot better than those on RTE 1 & 2. You get a better idea of some of the minutae of life long ago in Ireland through their documentaries.

It was how I discovered the Wire. I think it could have a bit more Irish content but generally it’s an excellent channel. I don’t like that the ads aren’t in Irish anymore.

They also dub south park into Irish as a kids show (at least it was on in the afternoon when I spotted it). That made for some bizarre viewing I can tell you.

I feel a little ashamed that the only things I watch on TG4 are American imports. They are currently nearly finished showing Season 5 of The Wire. They are also first with things like Nip/Tuck and Without a Trace. I also used to watch Survivor on it, although watching that show with the voiceover in Irish is a bit bizarre.

I keep meaning to watch some of the documentaries they put on as people have recommended them to me.

That was a bizarre listing when I spotted it, it must be fairly chopped up for a kids slot.

After the Sopranos, there used to be a Polish drama series dubbed over with English language. Equally bizarre and somehow the plot made perfect sense.

Also notable, and in Irish language, is Seacht. Shot where I work, I can’t stand watching it, knowing that the night club is really the music department and the drama students are wandering into the IT help desk or the Great Hall.

Soupy Norman? Was that on TG4?

Yes, Soupy Norman it was, and no it wasn’t a TG4 programme. The Sopranos it seems were an RTE broadcast.

My ex sister-in-law is in that. She’s been in it three times, as different characters each time. They give her glasses and a different hairstyle so nobody recognises her…

She also translates cartoons for them.

Including South Park? Thinking about the episode World Wide Recorder Concert is there an Irish for “queef”?

South Park as Gaeilge is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

I think it was some sort of manga, actually! I’d imagine Irish for “queef” is something like “an mCuiff”. :wink: