mother in laws

Why do the majority of people dislike their mother in laws?
Thats all I ever hear.
Lets hear from some who actually have nice mother in laws so I’ll know theres some out there!

I like my mother-in-law just fine. She’s a kind-hearted lady who frequently goes above and beyond to help out. She does get hung up on weird things sometimes, and had I not married her firstborn son, I would not have chosen her as a friend. But she’s never intruded into our lives, and while she offers her opinions freely, she doesn’t nag like my mother.

And she bakes great pies.

Another “great mother in law” person here.

She is very kind and is always helping us whenever we need it. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer mother-in-law than the one I got.

Zev Steinhardt

I like my mother-in law too. She’s a nice Dutch lady who loves her three sons very much. She has her quirks here and there but she’s very sweet. :slight_smile:

Mine is very interfering and critical when we were around her and, before my son was born, I detested her and avoided her like the plague. She’s improved since then, partly due to me giving her a grandchild and partly due to the perfect daughter in law jumping ship on her. She still goes on bizarre tirades about imigrants all the time, but that doesn’t really effect me since I’m not one.

My m-i-l rocks! Nicest lady, always pampering me, always cooking great food when we visit, etc. This lady even suggests a beer chaser after giving me a shot of slivovice! Never a bad word will be spoken about her.


I absolutely adore my MIL. She calls me the daughter she never had (she had two sons). We go out together with the kids a lot during the summer (she works for the public school system), and she and I also go out on our own a lot for lunch and shopping.

Never once has she tried to interfere with our parenting; in fact, she says we’re excellent parents and she’s proud of how we’re raising the kids.

I couldn’t have asked for a better MIL.


My MIL tolerates me, and I, her… We were raised in completely alien worlds, and while I comprehend hers, I can’t find too much in common with her. She, OTOH, can’t wrap her mind around my world, and takes me on graceful sufferance because her daughter is pleased with me.

My wife doesn’t get along with her mother at all, but likes her MIL a lot, most of the time. My mom is pretty great most of the time, but has some behaviors that, while benign in small amounts, can become annoying in large amounts. I’ve got decades of getting used to it, but poor Jenn only has only been exposed to large amounts of my mother for three years, and is still learning when to ignore her.

My mother in Law kicks ass. I play golf with her on occasion and look forward to seeing her when my wife and I go to visit her Grandparents. She is extremely intelligent and fun to be around.
I couldn’t ask for a better mother in law.

I quite like my MIL–she’s fun to talk to, and we get along fine. She loves it that I married her son, she loves the baby, she’s happy about everything. All in all, she’s a great MIL and I’m grateful to have her instead of the awful people I hear about.

Not that she doesn’t drive me crazy sometimes. But hey, I drive me crazy sometimes.

I’ve never met my mother-in-law. Apparently she detests me without the benefit of knowing me. Wrong race, you know. She’s also not had much, if any, interaction with our children (her grandchildren). She’s a real gem.

On the bright side, my wife’s mother-in-law gets along with us pretty well.

Hm. I’m going to have a mother-in-law in December… and while I don’t know how things will be after marriage, so far we get along very, very well. We went to a sewing show together last weekend (sans fiance, who would rather watch rocks evolve) and had a wonderful time. We share lots of interests (particularly sewing), and she usually acts my age when she’s around me. My fiance gets along quite well with my mother, as well. I think we’ve both lucked out in in-laws.

My future MIL hates me. I don’t know why. I don’t have anything against her other than my anger at the fact that she hates me for no discernible reason. If she didn’t hate me unreasonably we’d get along fine.

Mothers-in-law, not mother-in-laws.

Never had one, so otherwise can’t comment. (Ducks for cover.)

My SO seems to be liked better than me by my kith and kin. Sort of the opposite problem.

These are two of the * saddest* statements I’ve ever read.
Your child has elected to spend the rest of his/her life with someone and you can’t even bother to get to know them! WTF?

I am blessed with a singularily wonderful MIL. She is one of the kindest and most tolerant individuals I’ve ever met.

My husband likes his MIL alot. I like mine alright. I don’t know her too well as we don’t live anywhere near any of the parents. His mother really struggles to make ends meet so she doesn’t get to see us much, not that we don’t call at least once a week. The first time I ever met her I had to tell her I was pregnant. Leifsdad never even told her he was dating and informed me on the drive that he wasn’t about to tell her that I was expecting either. I could do that if I wanted. My MIL was really excited and was very nice to me.

I had an awesome mother in law. After living with three sons and a hubby for so many years, she was dying to get out and have some girl fun. We had a blast together.

Of course, when my marriage ended, she was forbidden from talking to me.

Mine is great. Couldn’t have asked for better in-laws. They’re welcome in our home anytime, for as long as they like.

my wife has a real cool mother-in-law!:smiley: Mine is an ignorant racist hick, however.:frowning:

You can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your family.

It actually doesn’t bother me except for on the occassions when my kids ask why they have two grandfathers but only one grandmother… :frowning: