Mothers, Daughters-Lesbian Lovers?!?!?!

My Mother is My Lover…

Ick. I’m flipping through the channels-I leave for work in an hour. I land on Jerry Springer. You know what to expect, right?

But…um…okay, this woman’s boyfriend is furious with her. He found out that the woman is sleeping with her own adult daughter. They’re lovers. Her own fucking daughter?
The daughter asks Mom to marry her?

Is that even LEGAL?

Look, yinz know I’m an open minded soul…but like, this is too sick, even for me.

Gotta admit, that’s a weird one.

But that’s what Springer does. Sideshow, medicine-act freak shows via the mass media.

There’s nothing different between that and ‘flipper boy’ or the dog-faced lady.

Oh, definitely. I’m not easily shocked by his show.

Just by the idea that a woman could give birth to a person, and then find themselves years later having SEX with that person, having raised them, and that the girl proposed to her own mother?

When will all of this discrimination stop??!! Are they hurting anybody? Or are they just offending your antiquated Biblical morality? Well, at least homosexuality is becoming more widely accepted. And S&M, water sports, and other types of perverse behavior seem to be making a dent into popular morality. But, alas, the bestialites, necrophiliacs and incesters will just have to wait until society catches up with them. What a cryin’ shame!

Well, in all honesty, I wouldn’t invest a lot of capital believing what he puts on. I’m certain some of it (all of it?) is just made up to generate just the reaction you’re showing. The more shocking it is, the more people will tune in tomorrow.

And to certain sections of the public consciousness it’s always a good time to believe that different folks are immoral. You can’t go wrong pandering to that.

Great, that’s the episode scheduled for noon on channel 20, so I’ll be watching. One thing about being unemployed-lots of time for watching crappy daytime TV while working on cover letters and resumes.

Note to self: politely decline JJ’s birthday party invitation…

Note to self: RSVP J.J.'s birthday party invitation, pronto.

I re-read my own post and was shocked! The stuff that comes out when you post on a Monday morning before your first can of Pepsi.

Note to self: Become friends with Jarbabyj. Pronto!

Water sports? Geez JJ you must be some sort of a freak.

Well, I’ll probably get married at some point in the next 2 years (although I’m not sure to whom yet), and there are some things I want to try first. BTW, necrophilia and bestiality are NOT 2 of them.

Oh, feh. I went to the official site. It’s her adopted daughter. Hell, Woody Allen was doing that five years ago.


Adopted or natural, still illegal in most states. So they probably happen to be in one of those that forgot to mention adoptees in the statute.

How could my mother have let me spend so much time as a child playing Marco Polo?!! I’ll never get passed the shame.



Correct me if I’m wrong, two women marrying each other is still illegal in every state (except maybe Vermont?), regardless if one is the other’s daughter, natural or adopted.

Is it illegal for a mother to marry a son or a father to marry a daughter in every state?


First cousins?

Fiver: I don’t think the women in question are married to each other, they’re just sleeping with each other. As for that being illegal, I have trouble figuring out how exactly you would prosecute someone for this, if they’re both consenting adults. Who would be the plaintiff?

The state. Given sufficient concern over the reaction of the Mrs. Grundies of the world, the state is more than happy to press charges on grounds of sodomy, deviant sexual intercourse, and general morals charges. If it weren’t, the sodomy laws would have served no useful (in the eyes of the state) purpose, as consenting partners are not generally going to file charges.

Michael Hardwick was charged with violating Georgia’s sodomy laws in 1984(?), after police entered his home on an unrelated warrant and found him in the act with another man. The state later decided not to prosecute, but it does demonstrate one way in which these charges are filed. (Hardwick later sued the state of Georgia for violation of his right to privacy, a case which made it to the US Supreme Court and was decided in favor of the state in 1986, which means that the official precedent of the US up till Romer v. Evans was that homosexuals have no reasonable expectation of privacy in their intimate relationships).

And people wonder why we get all huffy about things…


Ok I got to ask Jar

Was he the pitcher or the catcher?


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